Saturday, January 11, 2014

Beef Neck Bone Soup in cold MS

We've been in the single digits with occasional ice, but our pipes didn't freeze. Our hearts go out to those in the extremes. Does a cold winter set the stage for a hot summer, or is that an old wive's tale?

After the F2 twisted over our house raking up the shingles and laying them down 12/21/13, we noticed our backyard pecan tree was leaning toward the middle of our house, back to front. We are grateful gravity, a sneeze, a feather-weight bird, or a feather, did not fell it, the trimmer did.

After three Deep Southern summers, I understand the need for an outside kitchen or a least a grill. The upside to cold weather is soup. It's twice blessing: when cooked and when eaten. Our Kroeger's is revamping their produce section with more variety, bright lights and mirrors. It reminds me of Whole Foods on a smaller scale. Eat the Rainbow!

The price of a roast was over the moon. I bought neck bones I browned on all sides before putting in the crockpot. The rest of my recipe was by the seat of my pants.

Saute one or more sliced onions
         chopped garlic
         sliced fresh mushrooms
Pour over the roast

Add  1 cup of red wine
         2 cups of beef broth
         I didn't add veggies until the meat was near tender.
        Add  more broth if you like.

I cut up fresh green and yellow peppers, zucchini and yellow squash circles, sliced carrots and parsnips, chopped turnips and rutabaga, unpeeled potatoes, and frozen sweet corn. It smelled so good cooking and tasted wonderful!

Happy Soup Saturday to you!


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