Sunday, January 19, 2014

Elvis, John Lennon and Ihop

When we were in Memphis last week, we drove past Elvis' home. His yard had multiple scenes from the Nativity, but he was no where to be found. Someone said he was probably in the bathroom.

Across the street an outdoor board quoted John Lenon: Before Elvis there was nothing.

I had a craving for an Ihop omelet full of veggies and cheese. We haven't been in a while and were surprised we could buy one and get one free. Yum! And I had crepes with Lingonberries. My Swedish ancestors would be happy. We called in and praised our server and the food.

Fast forward to late that night. John came upon a hungry, homeless Vietnam Vet in the smoking room. He started to give him his meal ticket when he remembered the omelet. Thank you Ihop. You  blessed two families. Now that's a fine way to "pay it ahead."

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