Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Smithsonian Journeys Trans-Siberian Express trip

It's rainy in Mississippi and expected to continue through Friday. Knees and ribs appreciate consistent weather, so my chiropractor says. Mine agree. Where winter stays winter, people adjust. Our weather fluctuated from open windows in the morning to freezing temps in the evening, day after day. We pulled in our necks to warm our ears and slept scrunched up. Yes, those were two dog nights, and we have only one. Home insulation was optional when our house was built in the 1960's, reason enough to search out warmer, sunnier places. This is not Midwest construction.

Go to for information on the Trans-Siberian Express trip 9/9/15-10/4/15. Nearly 5,000 miles long, it travels through six time zones between Moscow and Beijing. I would love to ride the Tsar's Traveling Gold, see The Forbidden City and Mongolian nomads on the Steppes. There's a picture of a kiosk of Ulaanbaatar Prayer Wheels. We used to have a small prayer wheel from Tibet we twirled to send the prayers on.

The Annunciation Cathedral's rich blue with gold, onion-domes stands proudly in Kazan Kremlin. I hope you can go in. Can you imagine taking afternoon tea aboard The Tsar's Gold private train? I wonder what delicious fare is served? I see "many" stories in the making.

We haven't have a problem train traveling through time zones. I don't know how six would affect us, but we trust we could adjust. We're adventurous trying new foods, seeing new places and making friends. That does it. I'm adding this to my Bucket List. I pray I can make the trip before I'm so old I need oxygen and elevator shoes.

Prices start at $14,295 per person. 855-330-1542 M-F 9am-6pm ET.

Happy Traveling all!!!

2015 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mississippi winter 2015 vs George Washington's 1779-80

This is my fourth winter in MS. Locals say we don't have "bad" weather, which explains why there is little or no insulation in our 1960's house with "single-pane" windows! And no vehicle shelter. Thank goodness we have blankets to tack over our windows and layers of clothes to wear. Early Monday, Mother Nature blessed us with a quarter-inch of ice followed by sleet. Can you hear her laughing? Looking on the bright side, I thought of Dr. Zhivago. I would love a sleigh ride covered in furs, wouldn't you? Remember when he studied the snowflakes on the glass? Such a romantic.

Five of us were invited to Harvey Fiser's for a lady's luncheon, but the weather wasn't cooperating. My car's front and back passenger doors were frozen shut with a mottled pattern of ice as thick as an I-don't-want-anyone-to-see-me-shower door. It took me 20" to clear the windshield and a peep hole on the right front window. Two ladies wiggled and giggled into the back seat. I did the back of the neck. Thank you Morgan Freeman for Driving Miss Daisy. We made it to Harvey's and enjoyed her wild rice soup, dainty ham sandwiches, tomato aspic on bib lettuce, baked chocolate pie and coffee in demitasse cups, a blazing fire and friendly conversation. True Southern Hospitality at its best.

Pause for a moment and imagine what it was like for George Washington's troops. Robert Middlekauff wrote Washington's Revolution: The Making of America's First Leader. Copyright 2015. "The winter of 1779-80 proved to be one of the worst that longtime residents in New York and New Jersey remembered." . . . Some soldiers didn't even have a shirt. There was ice on the ground. Streams froze and Grist mills couldn't turn. Troops went without meat for days at a time. Washington ordered the soldiers to take wheat from mills, beat and husk it and boil it to make a tolerable substitute for bread. With so little, so much was accomplished.

2015 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Love is all around!

 Finding natural "hearts" started with this.
 Then I needed to take a walk to work it off.

 A tiny bit of egg white escaped the griddle to show some love.

 Oh, chocolate cake loves me too!

 I chopped celery for soup.
When I cleaned off the cutting board,
I found this heart.

 It loves broccoli and cauliflower, too.

 Skillet magic!

A baby seal napped on my napkin.
I was nibbling apple and sunflower seeds,
I turned a slice over to pick up a seed.
This is what I got.
I tried to create one and the seeds wouldn't stick.
Nature does it best!

Have a Happy Valentine's Day
and keep your eyes open 
for Love!

2015 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Saturday, January 03, 2015

Polish Bigos and Hand-Stretched Apple Strudel

My daughter, Krysia, loved Poland. 
When I was in High School
I read about a Polish Dr. 
in the Sunday World Herald
Omaha, Nebraska.
I saved his daughter's name
for my future daughter,

Five years later, I gave birth
Dr. French said, "It's a Krysia."

She started this blog for me May 2005.
In her memory
I share her beloved Poland.

Polish Hunter's Stew. 
When you can cook prunes, mushrooms,
bacon, cabbage and sauerkraut, 
any game, beef, pork, poultry 
and vegetables together 
and cook the stew outside,
you will draw a crowd 
of hungry people!
Count me in!

Hand-stretched Apple Strudel

We grew up in a community
of fabulous East European cooks.
At Fall Festivals and Celebrations
We waited in line for
duck and roast beef dinners
Kolaches, Strudels,
poppyseed filled sweet rolls
and accordion music

William Faulkner said, 
"The past isn't dead. It isn't even past."
My memories are alive and well
Happy New Year Family, Friends
and Friends to be

2015 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy New Year, Sleep on your Dreams for 2015

Celebrations around the world

The desires in your head
put on paper
in a pie shape
sleep on them
as long as it takes

Penguin love

As 2015 unfolds
prepare to check off
your dreams

Mighty Reflections

You let your
 do the work

I've done it
It did!

Have a Very Merry New Year's
and a fabulous New Year!

2014 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Is Christ in Christmas?

Or is it all about buying and gift giving? I feel Goodwill in the air from Thanksgiving through Christmas. It encourages kindness, helpfulness, generosity, kindness, and heart connectedness with all life.

It feels good to give. The Law of Life requires a "go around" to have a"come around." Give your best and the best will come back to you, it says. It doesn't have to come from the one you gave to; the Universe will see that you are sent the come around. Claim it! Enjoy it!

Wishing you and yours Peace and Grace, Joy and Plenty, Prosperity and Good Health in the New Year, and Always.


2014 Red Convertible Travel Series


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Friday, December 05, 2014

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Pillsbury Cookies

That was a short season!

Thanksgiving was the first time in four years we had guests for the holiday. I haven't been this happy since I cooked for "The Pearl Girls" to fill my home with happy. Niece Dawn brought Watergate salad and a sweet potato casserole. Yum! Her brother, Wes, brought ham, a lot of it. I cooked a Butterball Cajun seasoned turkey breast and made her mom's cornbread stuffing with chunks of the turkey. The recipe's a keeper. Of course we had mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, pecan and pumpkin pie.

Later, Bryce, Braden and Kaylee wanted Rice Krispie bars. We found Kroeger's closed. I have never seen our Wal-mart parking lot completely full. We braved the crowd. One of the kids reached between snaking carts and grabbed a box. We self-checked out and were back to the car in ten minutes. I suspect others waited hours.

Rice Krispie bars need to set and dry. Not necessarily. If there's melted Hershey to dip them in, go for it. And "we" did. I was a kid, too.

Granddaughter Bertlee came Sat. to bake cookies. Thank goodness Pillsbury mixed the dough and sold it in tubes. We made peanut butter with a Hershey kiss on top, gingersnaps, plain sugar cookies and some with bits of red peppermint candy that reminded me of Grandma. We did the Pretzels with Rolo's and a colorful mini-MnM. She had cookies to take to her 1st grade class and to her family. I hope we can do this again.

I offered appreciation treats for a business. I thought they had about 30 staff. Nooooo, 104! Open mouth, insert foot. Bertlee!!!!!

Thorton Wilder, "We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasure." 

Peace on Earth and Goodwill To All


2014 Red Convertible Travel Series

She took some home. I'm giving lots away for early Christmas treats.

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