Sunday, November 12, 2017

Random Acts of Blindness 😴😍

Is it missing a corner I meant to turn at 😦 

Or the opportunity to see something different 😖

Or a dead end 😬

Is it overlooking 

an unintentional offense 💓

a deliberate intent to offend 💘

We cannot live in someone else's mind

and discern what's behind their every thought

and feeling

Managing my thoughts and feelings

is a full-time job 💟

Self-control and self-correction

is where it's at 💗

To be at peace😍💕

I must live

sympathy, compassion and kindness 💖


Random Acts of Blindness 💞

2017 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

💗 Living Sympathy, Compassion and Kindness = Divine Love in action 💗

As we were leaving the Memphis, VA yesterday, we met a woman standing and smiling. She said she is a volunteer who welcomes veterans, thanks them for their service and tells them something that might make them feel better. God Bless her! 💓

Not long ago, I met a woman at the end of a grocery aisle. I smiled. She projected hate. We met again at the corner of another aisle. I smiled. She maintained hate. The third time we met, I smiled and so did she. 💝

Coming from the Midwest, I had no background/understanding of racism. I can't do it. Hate is debilitating, a waste of God given energy. It can make the sender physically ill. We, the people, are not that different. We all want to be loved and accepted just the way we are. Living sympathy, compassion and kindness soothes, heals and connects us. Want to do something good?  💞 Love a hater. 💟 It just might open their heart, too.

©2017 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Monday, September 25, 2017

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and More!!


The sea just being the sea


The world has witnessed nature's wrath 
on a massive scale

The suffering, grief, helplessness
the lump in their throats
the ache in their hearts
the striped feeling
in their souls

Our hearts go out to all
wrapping each one
in love and prayers
and may all pets
get back to their families

P.S. Hopefully the hurricanes blew
all the misplaced Pythons
out to sea!

Photos Clip Art
©2017 Poem only Red Convertible Travel Series   

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Thursday, August 31, 2017

MS Writer's Guild

Aug. 25-26 the MS Writer’s Guild held their annual conference at Pearl, MS.

Presenters included famed author Curtis Wilke. “The Long Road to Camelot” is a history must read co-authored with Thomas Oliphant.

Charlie Spillers “Confessions of an Undercover Agent” is spellbinding! I'd have died of fright.

Stanley Nelson is editor of The Concordia (LA) Sentinel. Recently nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for his decade-long work revealing murders committed by the Ku Klux Klan in Central MS and Northeast LA. His highly acclaimed book is “Devils Walking: Klan Murders along the Mississippi in the 1960s"

Jill Conner Browne, author of the “Sweet Potato Queens Series” tickled us.

J Janice Coleman, professor of literature at Alcorn University portrayed Phoenix Jackson from Eudora Welty's "A Worn Path." Wearing a red scarf around her head, a long-sleeved black top, long black and white skirt with a cotton apron, she made Phoenix come alive. An umbrella filled in for her walking stick. She talked the talk and walked the walk.(Living History) She is also a quilt maker. After reading Toni Morrison's "Beloved," she made a quilt for Baby. 

C. Leigh McInnis, instructor at Jackson St Uni., was among poets to read for the celebration of the election of President Barack Obama January 2009. He did "Workshopping: Bring Your Manuscript."

Kara Bachman wrote "Katrina Memories: Stories of Survivors" and taught about "Building an author Platform."

Robin Rushing, is a graduate of Milsaps, a freelance writing consultant specializing in proposals, ghost writing, editing, marketing and peer response tutorials, and a co-writer/editor for acclaimed cookbooks.

There was so much inspiration in the room, I came home and got to work on my writing.

Dr. Rachell Anderson is the facilitator of the Tunica Chapter of the MSWG. We meet at the Tunica Museum from 1-3:30 pm the third Sat. of the month from Sept. through June. All are welcome. Come write light, or as Hemingway said, "Write hard and clear about what hurts."  Who knows which, or how many of us, are best-selling authors in the making. Whoo-hoo!

©2017 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Chipping Campden Cotswolds, United Kingdom

Do you ever wonder
where the road 
will take you?

What's down this alley?

Who lives here
What do they eat
Fish and chips?

Original watercolors
by Rosalie Jordan

Purchased there in 1993
while traveling with my sister

They now hang
 on my kitchen wall
a reminder of
a once-in-a-lifetime trip

Was there once a gate?
Were sheep contained
Waiting for market?
Or something else?

Rosalie Jordan original art

©poem only 2017 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Drink Tea and Talk Nice


Where you can
really see
where you're going

Passionate works of art
first feed the eye

Fresh fruit, produce
and skilled hands
make it
for you

Dress up
Drink tea
Talk nice

Welcome Ladies

Microsoft photos
©2017 Copy only,  Red Convertible Travel Series 

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Sunday, July 23, 2017

A Light-Hearted Moment at The Memphis, TN VA

In spite of complaints about the VA, Johnny and I have none. For many years, VAs across the country have been there for him. Without them, he'd have died long ago. We appreciate the staff and tell them so. They're surprised, "Nobody tells us." Some are moved to tears and mile-wide smiles. Hugs are appreciated.

My heart goes out to all who've served our country. So many have experienced war's worst. The best gift I can give them is time and attention. For a simple "Thank you." some smile, some nod, and some frown, as if to say, "Is she for real?" I recently visited with three over 90 WWII Veterans. Their minds were sharp, and their skin was smooth. They loved sharing their stories.

The Memphis VA is undergoing renovation. At a recent appointment, we had a lot of walking to do. We copped a light-weight, red wheelchair with small wheels and no restraints on the passenger. Pressing the bar to the top back allows the chair to glide. To my amazement, navigating Johnny's 170 lbs. was effortless. Release the bar and the chair stops on the spot.

We were doing well, until I had to navigate down a slight incline. All of a sudden, a huge Veteran was walking in step with 5'5" me. I thanked him for his service, looked over my shoulder, thanked the taller one behind him and those further back. I was struggling a little holding back the chair. The big soldier spoke softly, "I could be first."
"Not if I let go."

Microsoft photo
©2017 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Friday, July 14, 2017

Uni-Brow Bushy and Hairless

Uni-brow Bushy


No relation
I assume

I found
 this spooky grape
on the vine
in the cluster of grapes
And didn't know
what to do with it

I didn't want to eat it
Bury it?
I sealed it in a bag
froze it
threw it out

Problem solved
I think

Still spooky

©2017 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Saturday, July 08, 2017

I'd rather be in France 7/7/17

Ah, splendid view
from a distance
up close
from the upper tiers
I was picnicking 
on the grass

Day break in Mississippi: 20 lb Madchen purrs atop my closed computer. Gave her the "fish-eye." Computer still won't forward, reply or compose. Cuss cat and computer.

Let Schatzie in. Refuses dry food. "Eat it. It cleans your teeth, so they don't fall out." Rebuttal meows. Give him tuna.

JB on the couch with a cigarette. Morning news: large company refuses to hire anyone who smokes. Yeah! That doesn't work here. Make him coffee.
Commercial: Lula says donuts and a bucket of Church's Chicken are one remedy for stress. I need a donut. Maybe several. Chicken later.

Clean up body and attitude. Smear face with Origins Active Charcoal Mask to clear pores. Lie down. Compose self. Go deep. Find my center. Ahhh

A comfortable 73 degrees. Dewy in and out: typical semi-tropical Southern morning. No mosquitoes . . . yet. No need to move fast. Swerve to miss street lump: lost pillow. Muster gratitude we aren't flooded and it isn't snowing.
Donut Shop on #61: Raspberry filled for JB, chocolate filled for me, and a short Cappuccino.

Retrace route. Donut scent tickles nose and taste buds. Tempted to pull over and eat both. Spot tall, shaded garden tomatoes on the vine. Market hopefuls. Temperature rose three degrees, headed to high nineties with Ozone warning.

Give Johnny his donut. Nibble and sip at my French table by the kitchen window. Open plantation blinds a sliver. Filtered sunlight decorates and dances on my table. Parisian sidewalk cafe, sans swooping-in purse snatchers. Ah, accordion music, and a Citron, "Get out of my way!" horn. French girl giving the waiter "Merci!" for a bottle of water. Aaahhh.

Stroll along the Seine. Sidestep doggy-do. Artists out early for the light. Appreciate their work. Tell them so. Love French Berets. Ride the subway to the Louvre. Underground wall art, not graffiti. Spending the day at the Louvre. I miss you Ms. Mona Lisa.

Along The Champs-Elysee: Catch a hint of an exotic fragrance. Stick my wrist out for a sample. Clerk, "Chanel No. 5, of course." To die for.

8 am CST. Begin work sans jet lag. Try to write complete sentences. First take a stroll through "Monet's Garden," my happiest place on earth.
Feeling inspired. Write a few.

Mid-morning break. Read a little of Janet Evanovich's "Smokin' Seventeen." Stephanie Plum, I can't make up my mind whether it should be you and Morelli, or you and Ranger.

Get serious. Write!

Microsoft ClipArt Photo
©Copy 2017  Red Convertible Travel Series

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Friday, June 30, 2017

July the Fourth 2017

What does it mean to you

Do you remember why and how we became free

Do you remember the cost


The freedom to be who you want to be

Freedom of speech

The right to bear arms

The right to assemble

and more

Are you grateful

Thomas Jefferson said,

"A government big enough

 to give you everything you want,

is big enough

to take away everything you have."

MS Clip Art photo
©2017 poem Red Convertible Travel Series

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

We're More Alike than Different 6/18/17

Harry Overstreet,

"I have my own

 particular sorrows, loves, delights;

and you have yours.

But sorrow, gladness, yearning, hope, love,

belong to all of us, in all times and in all places."

Microsoft Clip Art
2017 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Winter Memories Soothe Delta Heat and Humidity

Winter in Nebraska

Why bring that up today

It's hot and humid here!

Well, deal with it

The best way I know how

Is to think winter In Nebraska

Fewer trees

Blowing snow

Shades of blue and grey soften the day

Leek and chicken soup cooking

Minus 25 wind chill

Reading by basement gas heater

Noise in the chimney


Christmas mits on 

Krysia eased the chimney door open

 Alfred Hitchcock!

5 starlings flew out and around in slow motion

Gas fumes intoxicated

Run! Close doors

Open the outside door

Shoo them out

Cap the chimney in the spring

©2017 Red Convertible Travel Series
Art work mine

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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Tree Art or Hide and Seek

What is that on my trunk?

It looks like it has legs.

The stool is too high

to sit on

unless helped up

How long has that kid been there?

Maybe he'll grow tall enough

to sit on the stool

Playing hide and seek?

©2013 Red Convertible Travel Series

Krysia Antonia Jasa

My daughter was handy
with a hammer and a needle
She loved animals and construction 
And working with her carpenter Dad

5'2" and about 100 lbs. 
she could move furniture
many times her weight
Thank God for sliders

An old oak library table 
was one of our
"traveling" pieces of furniture
to the basement
to the garage 
back to the main floor
into the attic

An avid reader
she had 15 bookcases
of books
Some she read several times
I so wanted to keep
her Art Books
from Museums around the World

Our Wahoo Public Library
was the beneficiary 
of her collections

She always knew 
where she put something
it always went back 
to the same place

She built this blog 
for me
in 1995

she drug me
kicking and screaming
into the
electronic age

Remembering her
makes me smile

RIP my dear

Krysia's Counted Cross Stitch
©2017 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Without NE roots

When I crossed the border into Nebraska last month, it seemed I was "skimming" the earth, not tied to it. I had multiple choices for places to stay, but none were home. Wonderful friends and extended family take me in like family. If I bought a house there, I might not see them as much as I do when I'm just visiting.

I miss the cemetery. My dad's people were from Sweden. My mother's waved at Columbus, or so Grandpa Williamson said. I wish I knew them, but then I remember their lives are braided with ours. My namesake Mae, was my Grandmother Mae Simmons Williamson. Her devotion to family blooms in me. The Ann is for my grandmother Anna Alm Benson. She traveled from NE to Denver, CO to be treated for TB. Grandfather Roy Williamson had a zany sense of humor. A meal wasn't complete unless he snatched somebody's bread or squeezed the cake in their hand. Great-grandfather Peter Benson worked his way to the Midwest building barns with wooden pegs. Great-Grandmother Nellie Williamson was the local Mid-Wife. Yes, I see a bit of each of them in me. And my parents loved to travel, like my sister and I do. The apples didn't fall far from the tree.

On the Memphis news this week, a retired couple sold everything and have been world travelers for two years. That brightened my day. When I travel, I could keep on going. Maybe I, or we, will someday.

©2014 Red Convertible Travel Series

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The Grand Canyon & Harry Overstreet

The Grand Canyon

Always the same

Constantly changing color

Breathtaking from the top

and the bottom!

Harry Overstreet, "I have my own

 particular sorrows, loves, delights;

and you have yours.

But sorrow, gladness, yearning, hope, love,

belong to all of us, in all times and in all places."

Photo: Microsoft Clip Organizer
©GC Poem 2017 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Saturday, June 03, 2017

Answered Prayer

We live on a dead end street. Three huge gum trees are clumped together on the north side of our fence, as if they think they are cypress trees. Their branches spread out over our lot and house. It is their life's mission to flood us with their spiky balls that make walking difficult, mowing a hazard, and the possibility of the balls sprouting on our roof. We'd appreciate someone climbing a ladder and "gently" sweeping them off the roof. Offers?

There was a lot of bend over time involved picking up six large bags full and hauling them to the curb. And I'm not done! It was suggested we spray paint them gold or silver.Not! Help yourself!

I shook my fist at the trees and shouted, "Lord, could you PLEASE drop those balls on the north side of the fence where no one lives? In Jesus's name, Amen!"

A couple of days later, Johnny said, "That was some storm you slept through last night. That south wind blew something awful."

I jumped up and ran out. All the old and new balls were stripped off the tree and on the north side of the fence. Praise the Lord!!!!!

©2017 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day 2017

Memorial Day 2017

So many lives
our freedom

Photo: Microsoft Clip Organizer
© poem 2017 Red convertible Travel Series

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Togetherness and then some

A pair 

 I want you
in my skillet

No No 
don't separate us

Ok, have it your way
 for today
©2017 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Memphis, TN Bass Pro Shop

Worth the see!

2017 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Blueberry, Mango and Peach Juice Plus Shake

Blueberries, Mango, peach
Juice Plus Shake
good any time 

A wee bit
of blueberry love
left behind

My spatula captured it
and put it on my tongue

for Vanilla or Chocolate Shakes
Juice Plus Garden, Orchard and Vineyard 
whole food based 
naturally occurring phytonutrients
of fruits and veggies

©2017 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Who wants dried up and wrinkled? I do

You're so cute
I could just eat you.
Oh, please
I'm all dried up and wrinkled
Who'd want me
I do

©2017 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Turn your day around

having a bad day

Giving it to The Lord
could turn your day around 

©2017 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Sharp Family Photos

Hmmm, we do look sharp
Living up to our name
On Xmas cards
Note cards

Hmm, nice formal shot
Love your blue ribbon

Papa, you look a little beat up
It's all the hand work, you know
Well, I like you a little weathered
It gives you character XO
Want to cut a rug

 Son, what are you doing
Seeing what you see
You're such a cutup

©2017 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Get Away From That Rail!

Get back!

But we want to see!
WOW! That's way cool!

If that rail breaks
you'll fall out.
We can't help you down there

It's not going anywhere.

Old farts!

©2017 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Neighborhood Cake

is the only child
in the neighborhood 

We all 
like to see her coming

I gave her a chocolate cake mix
Beverly gave her eggs
Donna had frosting
McKenzie made the cake

We each got a piece
Happy!! Happy!!

©2017 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Saturday, May 06, 2017

Winter Love

I looked out 
one wintry morning

Someone put hearts
on the street
in front of our house
without footprints

When the driver turned around
the tires made joined hearts
A gift
of winter love

Thanks, whoever you are💕

©2017 Red Convertible Travel Series 

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River Monster?

whatever it is

Found it
in my empty bathtub

In the beginning
the mat
was bumpy

How this creature
got there
I have no clue

©2017 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Here's Looking At You!

My friend Donna and I
were at the gym 

She was talking
I wasn't

Lo and behold
a pair of ostriches
showed up
Baptist ostriches
no less

I hope
whoever cut the lumber
for the door 
 got a chuckle, too. 

©2017 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Fresh shrimp and a blue crab


 Grand Isle, LA sunset

A 5" blue crab
came in with the shrimp
walked sideways
 as crabs do
to an empty spot on the far wall
all the while staring at me

Which eye do you look at
they're so far apart

It tucked its legs under
and sat with a huff
as if Velcroed

 Pincers met
covering it's chest
You want some of this
come and get it

I wasn't there to fight
but I did wonder
how good it would taste
in a salad

©2017 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Sleepy Sweetie

You, there, 
open your eyes
you don't know
what you're missing

One never knows
what surprise
is in
a ball of
chocolate chip cookie dough

©2017 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Sweet Potato Crisis

I've fallen
and can't get up

©2017 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Even in disasters, love is there.

I saw this spot
on the ceiling
of a local business

It reminded me
Love is from above.

©2017 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Beet Love

T'was a single drop

of beet juice

When I turned around

it had made a heart

Love's sweet surprise

©2017 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas 2015 and MS Tornadoes

Mississippi was unseasonably warm and wet Wed., Dec. 23rd. Fourteen tornadoes ravaged 150 miles across the state. The Governor declared a State of Emergency. Along US 49 and 322, in our Clarksdale area, homes, a church and a crop duster's business were severely damaged. Our neighbor's home had the meter base torn off.

Tornadoes traveled northeast clocking winds in excess of 150 miles an hour. I55 was closed between Batesville and Como after multiple truck accidents. I put cat, Madchen, in the bathroom. She sat and stared like a statue. Johnny was a nervous wreck insisting we move to the bathtub. Instead, I tested my faith muscle. From my recliner, I prayed for protection for all in its path. Buckshot, our little dog, was not rattled. Neither was I. The storm came over our house, lifted the shingles, and laid them back down. Not one blew off. Thank you, Lord!

Holly Springs was ravaged the worst. Topped trees looked like tall pencils. A car was trapped under a twisted tractor trailer and the occupants survived.

The death toll rises. It took weeks to log damage and put a pall on Christmas. But there were miracles to give praise for. Three people left their house and piled into their truck. Before they could get away, it blew the truck into a tree saving their lives; the house was destroyed. Many homes were wiped off their foundation. Victims concurred the tornado sounded like a raging freight train.

Our hearts go out to all. Google MS tornadoes 12-23-15 for more information. If you want to help, contact the Red Cross.

Wed. evening I watched I Love Lucy reruns I haven't seen since 9/11. They are light moments that shore us up for coping with life's monsters. Peace and Grace to all and to all a Good Night. May your Christmas be Merry and the New Year super!


©2015 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Veterans Day 2015 and Europe in 1993

Remember the Veterans

Europe in '93
Maeann B Jasa

We thought the wars over
'til we laid down to rest
guns, tanks, barking dogs
were heard in our heads

Germany, Luxembourg,
Holland, France
war haunted our sleep
how could it last

From out of the heavens
came this command
"Free these dear souls
from the hell of the past."

Walking battlefields, cemeteries
my sister and I
acknowledged, telepathed 
with those who are dead

Thousands took notice
 piled weapons in heaps
ten abreast they crossed over
the Bridge to the Light

Military, civilian
all countries alike
God welcomed each one
"Come home. Rest."

The pain and the warring
were gone from the air
peace was on their side
and we felt it here.

Microsoft Clip Art
©2015 Poem Red Convertible Travel Series

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Monday, September 28, 2015

"Have You Filled a Bucket Today?" Carol McCloud

For the fourth year, I'm volunteering to read to Ms. Green's 2nd grade class at Kirkpatrick School, Clarksdale, MS. My hugs, kisses, smiles and kind words fill their buckets and they in turn, fill mine.

Carol McCloud wrote "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?"illustrated by David Messing. Good for any age, it raises awareness by explaining that every person has an invisible bucket, and we are either bucket fillers or bucket dippers. When we do something nice for someone, we fill the other person's bucket and vice versa. Bullies are bucket dippers. They take away the other person's good feelings, and they don't get good feelings put in theirs.

It has been translated into French, Braille, Japanese, Turkish, Korean and Chinese, and won 15 awards from 2007-2013.

Carol collaborated with Caryn Bulzke and illustrator Glenn Zimmer to create "My Very Own Bucket Filling from A to Z Coloring book." It took First Place in the 2015 Dragonfly Book Awards.

Go to or to buy.

 ©2015 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Pearl Seas Cruises, Cuba Cultural Cruises and Hemingway

My foot is itching bad. The only treatment is travel. Pearl Seas Cruises leave south Florida for ten nights and eleven days to "Discover Cuba 2016." Sailing beings March 6, 2016. The last trip is May 5, 2016. It'a s six-deck cruise ship with over 100 rooms. Ship Registry: Republic of the Marshall Islands.

Imagine walking through Havana's five Plazas hearing local music, or is it that our Country Western, like it was in Ireland? Colorful fresh produce is piled high giving off  'come hither vibes, 'Take me home with you. I want to nourish your body, mind and spirit.'
Check out

Hemingway loved Cuba. takes you to his home.

For fishing, check out

If you have $200K looking for a home, and you're interested in an autographed, used/First Edition of E Hemingway's "The Sun Also Rises," run, don't walk, to There's only one.
Don't expect Cuba to be like home. There will be inconveniences. My sister-in-law said," If you want the comforts of home, stay there." Princess Di told her boys not to make a fuss when their meal wasn't just like home; "People will get the idea you are hard to get along with."

It's been so long since we had a relationship with Cuba, I pray all who go there enter humbly with open hearts and kindness toward all. How we treat them will determine whether they want us to come back or send our money and stay home.

©2015 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Traveling Solo

I could "solo" cruise in one of these and maybe do my own paddling.

According to AARP, "There are five Norwegian cruise ships that now have studio cabins priced far less than double occupancy." I called and asked which ones, but they never got back to me. They suggested I book a cruise first. I'll take one of each!

Tauk has a few solo cabins. Check other Cruise Lines also. They would rather have more passengers than empty rooms.

I like to travel solo sometimes. When, not if, I take a solo cruise, I will let you know the details. As long as I can see the shore, I don't get seasick. Maybe I should confine my water experiences to the bathtub, but that's not as interesting as the Venice shoreline. One day I'll tell myself, Just do it!

Microsoft Clip Organizer photo
©2015 article only
Red Convertible Travel Series

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Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Stauer Stick

The Stauer site states: This is how to walk the talk. The must-have men's accessory once carried by kings, presidents, barons and billionaires is back - and can be yours.

The stick is made of imported Sheesham (Indian Rosewood) with engraved silver-finished brass features, and a rubber tip on the end. All the better to steady his steps and yours Cinderella, when he is on dirt, asphalt, marble floors and Persian rugs.

My romantic self is having a field day. The stick makes me think of powerful gentlemen who don't need to raise their voice to get something done. Boulevard strolls after dinner. White Gloves and top hats to tip, Concierge's full attention. Fine dining. Vintage convertible rides with the top down. Picnics for two on linen in country shade. First class accommodations and more. Sigh. specializes in men and women's vintage accessories. "Arm yourself with Artistry."

Excuse me. My dreams are calling.

©2015 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Friday, July 03, 2015

Happy Fourth of July 2015

Blessings to all 
this 4th of July
May peace be
the order of the day
fireworks only.

Microsoft Clip Organizer photo
2015 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Great Courses Catalog

My heart soars when catalog comes. Did you know they offer over 500 courses? I wish there were a at least a dozen of me so I could take many at once. I could time travel to Medieval Europe, Explore the Louvre without sore feet and learn about The Night Sky with stars sans mosquitoes.

On a clear August night, my sister would insist I go with her to the top of Bodley's Hill in Nebraska. We'd spread a blanket, stretch out and watch the meteor showers. They shot every direction. We'd whisper excitedly, "There's another one!" When I've been with her elsewhere and stars were visible, she'd look up with longing, similar to Claire in Diana Gabaldon's "Outlander" series. I wonder if my sister used to have an address somewhere out there? Hmm, a really distant relative.

I could elaborate on the courses, but I want you to have the joy of studying the catalog, too.

The Great Courses partners with, and This group's work is quality at its best  Thank you one and all.

©2015 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Friday, June 12, 2015

B.B. King laid to rest

Wed, June 3, 2015 The Clarksdale Press Register printed a piece by Charlie Smith of The Enterprise-Tocsin. "For sixty years, B.B. King graced the world with his music. At his services, Charlie Sawyer, B.B.'s biographer, said, "B.B. King lives in every blues lick on every electric guitar as long as blues is played." He noted that even after 18,000 performances, B.B.'s hands were soft from the way he cradled his black guitar, "Lucille."

"President Obama and former President Clinton lauded "his musical genius and simple human kindness.

"King grew up in Mississippi poor as poor could be, like so many others. He played for the prisoners at Parchman. Music may have kept him from living there.

I first heard "When a man loves a woman" while living in the Midwest. There was such anguish in his voice, I wept for his lost love." I did not yet know the pain of divorce.

People came from around the world for his funeral at Indianola, MS., home of his museum.
RIP B.B. Your memory and music live on.

2015 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Random Acts of Kindness

I volunteer to read to second graders at Kirkpatrick School in Clarksdale, MS. It's the highlight of my week. My intent is to inspire them to read and learn more. They're generous with hugs and love letters.

St. Paul's Methodist Church adopted Kirkpatrick school. We provide cookies or cupcakes, lemonade and achievement stickers for over 100 K-4 children each quarter. I peel the stickers off and stick them on their shirt. Each child gets one and a compliment on their achievement.

I wore a few leftover stickers to Walmart. It didn't take long to find a frazzled clerk trying to restock first aid. "You look like you could use a sticker." She burst into a smile just short of tears, "I needed that!"

The day of our Peace March, I came around an aisle in Kroger's and there was this man wearing a gold paper crown, a black with gold threads suit, and a full-length black coat draped over his shoulders like a cape. To top it off, he had this long stick with a twisted root. When I got my breath, I asked if I could take his picture. "Sure." The man beside him happened along. They knew each other. It was a two for one.
I asked, "Mr. King, would you like a peace sticker?"
"Sure,put it on my hand."
As I turned to leave, he added, "Isn't it nice to be nice?"

©2015 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Friday, April 17, 2015

My French Shelf

This is my dedicated, French, eye-level shelf. My sister and I would go back in a heartbeat. We will someday.

The over-sized book on the right is Monet's WATER LILIES. We stood by the pond and tried to see what he saw.

Monet's Table is to the left. Claire Joyes, text. Jean-Bernard Naudin, photos. Can you imagine being at Monet's table with his wife, Alice, Renoir, Pissaro, Sisley, Degas and Cezanne? "Other frequent visitors included Rodin, Whistler, Maupassant, Valery and the statesman Clemenceau." Glory days!!! I was born too late. I can only imagine the conversation around Pike in white butter sauce, baked field mushrooms with shallots, cognac and heavy cream, and Green (pistachio) Cake. The book is full of delicious recipes. And, for a beyond-your-wildest-imagination moment, Christmas morning was scrambled eggs with black truffles. Oh, my achy, breaky heart!!!

To the right is The Louvre, worthy of a week's visit. I was surprised to see students copying the master's works, but they had permission to learn from the best,

The Heartaches of a French Cat by Barbara McClintock, was one of Krysia's favorites. It's a pen and ink children's book about life in 19th century France. Minette is the heroine.

Fodor's Escape to Provence is not just  a map, it's a moving, soul-nurturing feast throughout the Region. The French so love their food. They take their time eating even a loaf of bread. They don't grab something to eat while driving or working. STOP and eat, for heaven's sake! Enjoy your food! I would love to learn to cook in France and understand wine. Maybe I'll live there some day.

To the right is Andy Warhol's Cats, Cats, Cats and Henry Beard's French for Cats, Advanced French for Exceptional Cats and POETRY FOR CATS. Krysia read these in French to her cat, Jasmine. The cat in turn acted out the French cat's tricks. She jumped from chair to couch to end table and made the vase spin! Just thought I should warn you not to underestimate your cat's intelligence.

Peter Mayle's A Year in Provence, Acquired Tastes, Chasing Cezanne, Anything Considered and A Dog's Life.

Elizabeth Bard's Lunch in Paris A love story with recipes "denotes major life events around certain foods."

There's a ratty copy of Dickens' Tale of Two Cities. It was a ratty time in history, but it's on my reread list.

I'm reading Miles Morland's A Walk Across France. Life Transforming. Hiking the Grand Canyon did it for me.

Victoria Magazine Aug. 1992 and Oct. 2000 and Victoria's book, The Heart of France, A Journey of Discovery.

There are language books, sarcastic language books, guide books and others sandwiched in. Right now, I want to slip into bed, squeeze my crunchy lavender sachet and dream of France. Nite. Nite.

©2015 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Smithsonian Journeys Trans-Siberian Express trip

It's rainy in Mississippi and expected to continue through Friday. Knees and ribs appreciate consistent weather, so my chiropractor says. Mine agree. Where winter stays winter, people adjust. Our weather fluctuates from open windows in the morning to freezing temps in the evening, day after day. The humidity is the culprit. We pull in our necks to warm our ears and sleep scrunched up. Yes, those are two dog nights and we have only one.

Edna St. Vincent Millay wrote, "My heart is warm with the friends I make
and better friends I'll not be knowing
yet there isn't a train
I wouldn't take
no matter where it's going

She speaks to our grandfather, Roy Williamson. He loved trains. My sister and I do, too. Go to for information on the Trans-Siberian Express trip 9/9/15-10/4/15. Nearly 5,000 miles long, it travels through six time zones between Moscow and Beijing. We would love to ride the Tsar's Traveling Gold, see The Forbidden City and Mongolian nomads on the Steppes. There's a picture of a kiosk of Ulaanbaatar Prayer Wheels. We used to have a small prayer wheel from Tibet we twirled to send our prayers on.

The Annunciation Cathedral's rich blue with gold, onion-domes stands proudly in Kazan Kremlin. I hope we can go in. Can you imagine taking afternoon tea aboard The Tsar's Gold private train? I wonder what delicious fare is served? I see "many" stories in the making.

We haven't had a problem train traveling through time zones. I don't know how six would affect us, but we trust we could adjust. We're adventurous trying new foods, seeing new places and making friends. That does it. I'm adding this to my Bucket List. I pray I can make the trip before I'm so old I need oxygen and elevator shoes.

Prices start at $14,295 per person. 855-330-1542 M-F 9am-6pm ET.

Happy Traveling all!!!

©2015 Red Convertible Travel Series

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