Monday, May 22, 2017

Togetherness and then some

A pair 

 I want you
in my skillet

No No 
don't separate us

Ok, have it your way

©2017 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Memphis, TN Bass Pro Shop

Worth the see!

2017 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Blueberry, Mango and Peach Juice Plus Shake

Blueberries, Mango, peach
Juice Plus Shake
good any time 

A wee bit
of blueberry love
got away

My spatula captured it
and put it on my tongue

for Vanilla or Chocolate Shakes
Juice Plus Garden, Orchard and Vineyard 
whole food based 
naturally occurring phytonutrients
of fresh fruits and veggies

©2017 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Who wants dried up and wrinkled? I do

You're so cute
I could just eat you.
Oh, please
I'm all dried up and wrinkled
Who'd want me
I do

©2017 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Turn your day around

having a bad day

Giving it to The Lord
could turn your day around 

©2017 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Sharp Family Photos

Hmmm, we do look sharp
Living up to our name
On Xmas cards
and Note cards

Hmm, nice formal shot

Papa, you look a little beat up
It's all the hand work, you know
Well, I like you a little weathered
It gives you character XO
Want to cut a rug

 Son, what are you doing

Seeing what you see

You're such a cutup

©2017 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Get Away From That Rail!

Get back!

But we want to see!
WOW! That's way cool!

If that rail breaks
you'll fall out.
We can't help you down there

It's not going anywhere.

Old farts!

©2017 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Neighborhood Cake

is the only child
in the neighborhood 

We all 
like to see her coming

I gave her a chocolate cake mix
Beverly gave her eggs
Donna had frosting
McKenzie made the cake

We each got a piece
Happy!! Happy!!

©2017 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Saturday, May 06, 2017

Winter Love

I looked out 
one wintry morning

Someone put hearts
on the street
in front of our house
without footprints

When the driver turned around
the tires made joined hearts
Ha, a gift
of winter love


©2017 Red Convertible Travel Series 

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River Monster?

whatever it is

Found it
in my empty bathtub

In the beginning
the mat
was bumpy

How this creature
got there
I have no clue

©2017 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Here's Looking At You!

My friend Donna and I
were at the gym 

She was talking
I wasn't

Lo and behold
a pair of ostriches
showed up
Baptist ostriches

I hope
whoever cut this wood 
 got a chuckle, too. 

©2017 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Fresh shrimp and a blue crab


 Grand Isle, LA sunset

A 5" blue crab
came in with the shrimp
walked sideways
 as crabs do
to an empty spot on the far wall
all the while staring at me

Which eye do you look at
they're so far apart

It tucked its legs under
and sat with a huff
as if  velcroed

 Pincers closed in
 to cover its front
You want some of this
come and get it, it implied
I wasn't there to fight
but I did wonder
how good it would taste
in a salad

©2017 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Sleepy Sweetie

I can't help it
chocolate chip
cookie dough
took on a sleepy face

You, there, 
open your eyes
you don't know
what you're missing

©2017 Red Convertible Travel Series

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What the Sweet Potato said

I've fallen
and can't get up

I'm not kidding
HELP me!!!!

©2017 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Even in disasters, love is there.

Many moons ago
A small dark spot 
appeared on the ceiling
I climbed up the step stool
and touched it

Then this "design" appeared
above the kitchen table

Thankfully the landlord was quick 
to replace our leaky roof

The wee spot dried up.
We left it above the table
to remind us
Love is from above.

2017© Red Convertible Travel Series

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Neighborhood Cake

 Pre-teen McKenzie
lives down the street
She likes to create
and bake
I gave her a chocolate make mix
She shared it with all of us!

2017 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Beet Love

Twas a single drop
at the end of our meal

When I turned around
it had made a heart

Love IS all around.

©2017 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas 2015 and MS Tornadoes

Mississippi was unseasonably warm and wet Wed., Dec. 23rd. Fourteen tornadoes ravaged 150 miles of MS. The Governor declared a State of Emergency. Along US 49 and 322, in our Clarksdale area, homes, a church and a crop duster's business were severely damaged. Our neighbor's home had the meter base torn off.

Tornadoes traveled northeast clocking winds in excess of 150 miles an hour. I55 was closed between Batesville and Como after multiple truck accidents. I put cat, Madchen, in the bathroom. She sat and stared like a statue. Johnny was a nervous wreck insisting we move to the bathtub. Instead, I tested my faith muscle. From my recliner, I prayed for protection for all of us in its path. Buckshot, our little dog, was not rattled. Neither was I. The storm came over our house, lifted the shingles, and laid them back down. Not one blew off. Thank you, Lord!

Holly Springs was ravaged the worst before the storm tore into Tennessee. Topped trees looked like tall pencils. A car was trapped under a twisted tractor trailer and the occupants survived.

The death toll rises. It took weeks to log damage and put a pall on Christmas. But there were miracles to give praise for. Three people left their house and piled into their truck. Before they could get away, it blew the truck into a tree saving their lives; the house was destroyed. Many homes were wiped off their foundation. Victims concurred the tornado sounded like a raging freight train.

Our hearts go out to all. Google MS tornadoes 12-23-15 for more information. If you want to help, contact the Red Cross.

Wed. evening I watched I Love Lucy reruns I haven't seen since 9/11. They are light moments that shore us up for coping with life's monsters. Speaking of monsters, I do not hate those who hate us. Hating makes a negative mark on the hater's soul. Peace cannot live there. Loving creates a positive mark on the soul.

Peace and Grace to all and to all a Good Night. May your Christmas be Merry and the New Year super!


©2015 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Veterans Day 2015 and Europe in 1993

Remember the Veterans

Europe in '93
Maeann B Jasa

We thought the wars over
'til we laid down to rest
guns, tanks, barking dogs
were heard in our heads

Germany, Luxembourg,
Holland, France
war haunted our sleep
how could it last

From out of the heavens
came this command
"Free these dear souls
from the hell of the past."

Walking battlefields, cemeteries
my sister and I
acknowledged, telepathed 
with those who were dead

Thousands took notice
 piled weapons in heaps
ten abreast they crossed over
the Bridge to the Light

Military, civilian
all countries alike
God welcomed each one
"Come home. Rest."

The pain and the warring
were gone from the air
peace was on their side
and we felt it here.

2015 © Poem only  Red Convertible Travel Series

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

For the fourth year, I'm volunteering to read to Ms. Green's 2nd grade class at Kirkpatrick School, Clarksdale, MS. My hugs, kisses, smiles and kind words fill their buckets and mine.

Carol McCloud wrote "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?" David Messing illustrated. Good for any age, it raises awareness by explaining that every person has an invisible bucket, and we are either bucket fillers or bucket dippers. When we do something nice for someone, we fill the other person's bucket and vice versa. Bullies are bucket dippers. They take away the other person's good feelings, and they don't get good feelings put in theirs.

It has been translated into French, Braille, Japanese, Turkish, Korean and Chinese, and won 15 awards from 2007-2013.

Carol collaborated with Caryn Bulzke and illustrator Glenn Zimmer to create "My Very Own Bucket Filling from A to Z Coloring book." It took First Place in the 2015 Dragonfly Book Awards.

Go to or to buy.

2015 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Pearl Seas Cruises, Cuba Cultural Cruises and Hemingway

My foot is itching bad. The only treatment is travel. Pearl Seas Cruises leave south Florida for ten nights and eleven days to "Discover Cuba 2016." Sailing beings March 6, 2016. The last trip is May 5, 2016. It'a s six-deck cruise ship with over 100 rooms. Ship Registry: Republic of the Marshall Islands.

Imagine walking through Havana's five Plazas hearing local music, or is it that our Country Western, like it was in Ireland? Colorful fresh produce is piled high giving off 'come hither vibes, 'Take me home with you. I want to nourish your body, mind and spirit.'
Check out

Hemingway loved Cuba. takes you to his home.

For fishing, check out

If you have $200K looking for a home, and you're interested in an autographed, used/First Edition of E Hemingway's "The Sun Also Rises," run, don't walk, to There's only one.
Don't expect Cuba to be like home. There will be inconveniences. My sister-in-law said," If you want the comforts of home, stay there."
Princess Di told her boys not to make a fuss when their meal wasn't just like home; 'People will get the idea you are hard to get along with.'

It's been so long since we had a relationship with Cuba, I pray all who go there enter humbly with open hearts and kindness toward all. How we treat them will determine whether they want us to come back or send our money and stay home.

2015© Red Convertible Travel Series

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Viking Cruises Solo Travelers

I could "solo" cruise in one of these and maybe do my own paddling.

According to AARP, "There are five Norwegian cruise ships that now have studio cabins priced far less than double occupancy." I called and asked which ones, but they never got back to me. They suggested I book a cruise first. I'll take one of each!

Tauk has a few solo cabins. Check other Cruise Lines also. They would rather have more passengers than empty rooms.

I like to travel solo sometimes. When, not if, I take a solo cruise, I will let you know the details. As long as I can see the shore, I don't get seasick. Maybe I should confine my water experiences to the bathtub, but that's not as interesting as the Venice shoreline. One day I'll tell myself, Just do it!

2015© Red Convertible Travel Series

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Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Stauer Stick

The Stauer site states: This is how to walk the talk. The must-have men's accessory once carried by kings, presidents, barons and billionaires is back - and can be yours.

The stick is made of imported Sheesham (Indian Rosewood) with engraved silver-finished brass features, and a rubber tip on the end. All the better to steady his steps and yours Cinderella, when he is on dirt, asphalt, marble floors and Persian rugs.

My romantic self is having a field day. The stick makes me think of powerful gentlemen who don't need to raise their voice to get something done. Boulevard strolls after dinner. Top hats to tip, Concierge's full attention. Fine dining. Vintage convertible rides with the top down. Picnics for two on linen in the country shade. First class accommodations. Sigh. specializes in men and women's vintage accessories. "Arm yourself with Artistry."

Excuse me. My dreams are calling.

2015 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Friday, July 03, 2015

Happy Fourth of July 2015

Blessings to all 
this 4th of July
May peace be
the order of the day
fireworks only.

2015 Red Convertible Travel Series

Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Great Courses Catalog

My heart soars when catalog comes. Did you know they offer over 500 courses? I wish there were a at least a dozen of me so I could take many at once. I could time travel to Medieval Europe, Explore the Louvre without sore feet, learn about The Night Sky with stars sans mosquitoes and more.

On a clear August night, my sister would insist I go with her to the top of Bodley's Hill in Nebraska. We'd spread a blanket, stretch out and watch the meteor showers. They shot every direction. We'd whisper excitedly, "There's another one!" When I've been with her elsewhere and stars were visible, she'd look up with longing, similar to Claire in Diana Gabaldon's "Outlander" series. I wonder if my sister used to have an address somewhere out there? Hmm, real distant relatives.

I could elaborate on the courses, but I want you to have the joy of studying the catalog, too.

The Great Courses partners with, and This group's work is so exciting, my friends, and quality at its best  Thank you one and all.

2015 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Friday, June 12, 2015

B.B. King laid to rest

Wed, June 3, 2015 The Clarksdale Press Register printed a piece by Charlie Smith of The Enterprise-Tocsin.

For sixty years, B.B. King graced the world with his music. At his services, Charlie Sawyer, B.B.'s biographer, said, "B.B. King lives in every blues lick on every electric guitar as long as blues is played." He noted that even after 18,000 performances, B.B.'s hands were soft from the way he cradled "Lucille."

President Obama and former President Clinton lauded his musical genius and "simple human kindness."

I've seen black horses lead processionals, but never with a black guitar.

King grew up in Mississippi poor as poor could be, like so many others. He played for the prisoners at Parchman. Music may have kept him from living there.

I first heard "When a man loves a woman," when I lived in the Midwest. There was such anguish in his voice, I wept for his lost love." I did not yet know the pain of divorce.

People came from around the world for his funeral at Indianola, MS., home of his museum.

RIP B.B. Your memory and music live on.

2015 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Random Acts of Kindness

I volunteer to read to second graders at Kirkpatrick School in Clarksdale, MS. My intent is to inspire them to read. Where else can you travel the world without leaving home? My heart soars spending time with them. They're generous with hugs and love letters.
St. Paul's Methodist Church adopted Kirkpatrick school. We provide cookies or cupcakes, lemonade and achievement stickers for over 100 K-4 children each quarter. I peel the stickers off and stick them on my shirt. Each child gets one and a compliment.
I wore a few leftover stickers to Walmart. It didn't take long to find a frazzled clerk trying to restock first aid. "You look like you could use a sticker." She burst into a smile just short of tears, "I needed that!"
The day of our Peace March, I came around an aisle in Kroger's and there was this man wearing a gold paper crown, a black with gold threads suit, and a full-length black coat draped over his shoulders like a cape. To top it off, he had this long stick with a twisted root. When I got my breath, I asked if I could take his picture. "Sure." The man beside him happened along. They knew each other. It was a two for one.
I asked, "Mr. King, would you like a peace sticker?"
"Sure,put it on my hand."
As I turned to leave, he added, "Isn't it nice to be nice?"

2015 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Friday, April 17, 2015

My French Shelf

This is my dedicated, French, eye-level shelf. My sister and I would go back in a heartbeat. We will someday.

The over-sized book on the right is Monet WATER LILIES. We stood by the pond and tried to see what he saw.

Monet's Table is to the left. Claire Joyes, text. Jean-Bernard Naudin, photos. Can you imagine being at Monet's table with his wife, Alice, Renoir, Pissaro, Sisley, Degas and Cezanne? "Other frequent visitors included Rodin, Whistler, Maupassant, Valery and the statesman Clemenceau." Glory days!!! I was born too late. I can only imagine the conversation around Pike in white butter sauce, baked field mushrooms with shallots, cognac and heavy cream, and Green (pistachio) Cake. The book is full of delicious recipes. And, for a beyond-your-wildest-imagination moment, Christmas morning was scrambled eggs with black truffles. Oh, my achy, breaky heart!!!

To the right is The Louvre, worthy of a week's visit. Next time but I will stay longer. I was surprised to see students copying the master's works, but they had permission to learn from the best,

The Heartaches of a French Cat by Barbara McClintock, was one of Krysia's favorites. It's a pen and ink children's book about life in 19th century France. Minette is the heroine.

Fodor's Escape to Provence is not just  a map, it's a moving, soul-nurturing feast throughout the Region. The French so love their food. They take their time eating even a loaf of bread. They don't grab something to eat while driving or working. STOP and eat, for heaven's sake! Enjoy your food! I would love to learn to cook in France and understand wine. Maybe I'll live there some day.

To the right are Andy Warhol's Cats, Cats, Cats and Henry Beard's French for Cats, Advanced French for Exceptional Cats and POETRY FOR CATS. Krysia read these in French to her cat, Jasmine. The cat in turn acted out the French cat's tricks. Just thought I should warn you not to underestimate your cat's intelligence..

Peter Mayle's A Year in Provence, Acquired Tastes, Chasing Cezanne, Anything Considered and A Dog's Life are informative and humorous.

Elizabeth Bard's Lunch in Paris A love story with recipes "denotes major life events around certain foods."

There's a ratty copy of Dickens' Tale of Two Cities. It was a ratty time in history, but it's on my reread list.

I'm reading Miles Morland's A Walk Across France. Life Transforming. Hiking the Grand Canyon did it for me.

Victoria Magazine Aug. 1992 and Oct. 2000 and Victoria's book, The Heart of France, A Journey of Discovery.

There are language books, sarcastic language books, guide books and others sandwiched in. Right now, I want to slip into bed, squeeze my crunchy lavender sachet and dream of France. Nite. Nite.

2015 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Smithsonian Journeys Trans-Siberian Express trip

It's rainy in Mississippi and expected to continue through Friday. Knees and ribs appreciate consistent weather, so my chiropractor says. Mine agree. Where winter stays winter, people adjust. Our weather fluctuated from open windows in the morning to freezing temps in the evening, day after day. We pulled in our necks to warm our ears and slept scrunched up. Yes, those were two dog nights, and we have only one. Home insulation was optional when our house was built in the 1960's, reason enough to search out warmer, sunnier places. This is not Midwest construction.

Go to for information on the Trans-Siberian Express trip 9/9/15-10/4/15. Nearly 5,000 miles long, it travels through six time zones between Moscow and Beijing. I would love to ride the Tsar's Traveling Gold, see The Forbidden City and Mongolian nomads on the Steppes. There's a picture of a kiosk of Ulaanbaatar Prayer Wheels. We used to have a small prayer wheel from Tibet we twirled to send our prayers on.

The Annunciation Cathedral's rich blue with gold, onion-domes stands proudly in Kazan Kremlin. I hope we can go in. Can you imagine taking afternoon tea aboard The Tsar's Gold private train? I wonder what delicious fare is served? I see "many" stories in the making.

We haven't have a problem train traveling through time zones. I don't know how six would affect us, but we trust we could adjust. We're adventurous trying new foods, seeing new places and making friends. That does it. I'm adding this to my Bucket List. I pray I can make the trip before I'm so old I need oxygen and elevator shoes.

Prices start at $14,295 per person. 855-330-1542 M-F 9am-6pm ET.

Happy Traveling all!!!

©2015 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mississippi winter 2015 vs George Washington's 1779-80

This is my fourth winter in MS. Locals say we don't have "bad" weather,  which explains why our 1960's house has"single-pane" windows. And no garage. Thank goodness we have blankets to tack over our windows and layers of clothes to wear. School closes at the drop of a hat. There is no Midwestern plow to clear the way. Mother Nature is it.

Early Monday, She blessed us with a quarter-inch of ice followed by sleet. Can you hear her laughing? Looking on the bright side. Think of Dr. Zhivago and the costumes. I would love a sleigh ride covered in furs, wouldn't you? Remember when he studied the snowflakes on the glass? Such a romantic. I like to watch the movie in the heat of summer.

Five of us were invited to Harvey Fiser's for a lady's luncheon, but the weather wasn't cooperating. My car's front and back passenger doors were frozen shut with a mottled pattern of ice as thick as an I-don't-want-anyone-to-see-me-shower door. It took me 20" to clear the windshield and a peep hole on the right front window. Two ladies wiggled and giggled into the back seat. I was the back of the neck. Thank you Morgan Freeman for Driving Miss Daisy. We made it to Harvey's and enjoyed her wild rice soup, dainty ham sandwiches, tomato aspic on bib lettuce, baked chocolate pie and coffee in demitasse cups, a blazing fire and friendly conversation. True Southern Hospitality at its best.

Pause for a moment and imagine what it was like for George Washington's troops. Robert Middlekauff wrote Washington's Revolution: The Making of America's First Leader. © 2015. "The winter of 1779-80 proved to be one of the worst that longtime residents in New York and New Jersey remembered. Some soldiers didn't even have a shirt. There was ice on the ground. Streams froze and Grist mills couldn't turn. Troops went without meat for days at a time. Washington ordered the soldiers to take wheat from mills, beat and husk it and boil it to make a tolerable substitute for bread." With so little, so much was accomplished.

©2015 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Love is all around!

 Finding natural "hearts" started with this.
 Then I needed to take a walk to work it off.

 A tiny bit of egg white escaped the griddle to show some love.

 Oh, chocolate cake loves me too!

 I chopped celery for soup.
When I cleaned off the cutting board,
I found this heart.

 It loves broccoli and cauliflower, too.

 Skillet magic!

A baby seal napped on my napkin.
I was nibbling apple and sunflower seeds,
I turned a slice over to pick up a seed.
This is what I got.
I tried to create one and the seeds wouldn't stick.
Nature does it best!

Have a Happy Valentine's Day
and keep your eyes open 
for Love!

2015 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Saturday, January 03, 2015

Polish Bigos and Hand-Stretched Apple Strudel

My daughter, Krysia, loved Poland. 
When I was in High School
I read about a Polish Dr. 
in the Sunday World Herald
Omaha, Nebraska.
I saved his daughter's name
for my future daughter,

Five years later, I gave birth
Dr. French said, "It's a Krysia."

She started this blog for me May 2005.
In her memory
I share her beloved Poland.

Polish Hunter's Stew. 
When you can cook prunes, mushrooms,
bacon, cabbage and sauerkraut, 
any game, beef, pork, poultry 
and vegetables together 
and cook the stew outside,
you will draw a crowd 
of hungry people!
Count me in!

Hand-stretched Apple Strudel

We grew up in a community
of fabulous East European cooks.
At Fall Festivals and Celebrations
We waited in line for
duck and roast beef dinners
Kolaches, Strudels,
poppyseed filled sweet rolls
and accordion music

William Faulkner said, 
"The past isn't dead. It isn't even past."
My memories are alive and well
Happy New Year Family, Friends
and Friends to be

2015 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy New Year, Sleep on your Dreams for 2015

Celebrations around the world

The desires in your head
put on paper
in a pie shape
sleep on them
as long as it takes

Penguin love

As 2015 unfolds
prepare to check off
your dreams

Mighty Reflections

You let your
 do the work

I've done it
It did!

Have a Very Merry New Year's
and a fabulous New Year!

2014 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Is Christ in Christmas?

Or is it all about buying and gift giving? I feel Goodwill in the air from Thanksgiving through Christmas. It encourages kindness, helpfulness, generosity, kindness, and heart connectedness with all life.

It feels good to give. The Law of Life requires a "go around" to have a"come around." Give your best and the best will come back to you, it says. It doesn't have to come from the one you gave to; the Universe will see that you are sent the come around. Claim it! Enjoy it!

Wishing you and yours Peace and Grace, Joy and Plenty, Prosperity and Good Health in the New Year, and Always.


2014 Red Convertible Travel Series


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Friday, December 05, 2014

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Pillsbury Cookies

That was a short season!

Thanksgiving was the first time in four years we had guests for the holiday. I haven't been this happy since I cooked for "The Pearl Girls" to fill my home with happy. Niece Dawn brought Watergate salad and a sweet potato casserole. Yum! Her brother, Wes, brought ham, a lot of it. I cooked a Butterball Cajun seasoned turkey breast and made her mom's cornbread stuffing with chunks of the turkey. The recipe's a keeper. Of course we had mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, pecan and pumpkin pie.

Later, Bryce, Braden and Kaylee wanted Rice Krispie bars. We found Kroeger's closed. I have never seen our Wal-mart parking lot completely full. We braved the crowd. One of the kids reached between snaking carts and grabbed a box. We self-checked out and were back to the car in ten minutes. I suspect others waited hours.

Rice Krispie bars need to set and dry. Not necessarily. If there's melted Hershey to dip them in, go for it. And "we" did. I was a kid, too.

Granddaughter Bertlee came Sat. to bake cookies. Thank goodness Pillsbury mixed the dough and sold it in tubes. We made peanut butter with a Hershey kiss on top, gingersnaps, plain sugar cookies and some with bits of red peppermint candy that reminded me of Grandma. We did the Pretzels with Rolo's and a colorful mini-MnM. She had cookies to take to her 1st grade class and to her family. I hope we can do this again.

I offered appreciation treats for a business. I thought they had about 30 staff. Nooooo, 104! Open mouth, insert foot. Bertlee!!!!!

Thorton Wilder, "We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasure." 

Peace on Earth and Goodwill To All


2014 Red Convertible Travel Series

She took some home. I'm giving lots away for early Christmas treats.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Rhythm & Blues Hall of Fame Museum awarded to Clarksdale, Mississippi

Not Detroit, Memphis or Nashville, TN, nor Jackson, MS. The National Blues Center and the National Gospel Hall of Fame are also included in the award.  The facility will be located within walking distance of downtown.

The award will breathe life into our community. We already have visitors from around the world. The numbers are sure to increase. Visitors have fallen in love with Clarksdale, stayed, and invested in businesses and restorations. We have eleven festivals a year, so far. Check us out at

Come spend an evening at Morgan Freeman's Ground Zero

Overnight at Accommodations are just as they were long ago.

Enjoy great coffee and pastries, lunch and dinner at

Check out the Hambone Art Gallery and Music at

Lunch at Abe's, one of MS's oldest restaurants

(Cut and paste if links don't follow through.)

2014 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Happy and the Sad

 Granddaughter Bertlee wanted to "do" my hair
at the truck races. 
It made her happy.
Me too.
 Mr. Cedar Root,
Master of Focus and Silence 
stood by
when our Maine Coone, Schatzie
was mauled by four, large stray dogs
early 9/12/14.
 We, including Buckshot,
 buried Schatzie
overlooking the MS River
Sweet Grand Nephew Bryce
gave Madchen a new do.

2014 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

A World of Woes

Labor Day. The Bravada died at 237,000 miles. We waited four hours for a wrecker. Usually AAA is great. This day we were west of Batesville. A wrecker company called from Tupelo. Where we were? They were at Pear Rd. Never heard of it. I let AAA know that hauler would be driving 200 miles. They found one closer. When they unloaded it, Buckshot jumped out of the car. The two young men jumped out of the hauler to help round him up. JB left my door open and quietly rode around the lot until Buckshot jumped in. He'll go anywhere with Dad.

The Bravada rests quietly in our backyard. But all has not been well in the neighborhood. Last Thursday night, a pack of four large dogs mangled our housecat. Schatzie had his claws and was street smart, but he was no match for a pack of jaws. Our neighbors heard the ruckus and ran to the door. He shooed them away and found Schatzie unable to move. He quietly left him at our front door. It grieves me we didn't hear it. Fri.morning Dad heard him. Something wasn't right. He always came to the side door. He couldn't move his back legs. There were three wounds on his sides. I laid on the floor with him and gently stroked him until we could get him to the vet.

Schatzie had a puncture wound where a dog had bitten him over his back and two more wounds. Per Dr. Landess, he has had other mangled cats brought in. "The dogs are packing." Schatzie would be paralyzed, He was the gentlest, quietest kitty for the eleven years we had him. I can't write this without tears. I held him when Doc put him to sleep.

Schatzie was a rescue kitty from the Omaha Humane Society in NE. When Krysia went to find another cat, Schatzie adopted her. He didn't ask for much. Science Diet soft chicken cat food was his favorite, and occasionally tuna. Give him a scratch, a brushing, and a quiet, secret place to nap, and he was happy. He often curled up on a kitchen chair.

Memorial Day 2012, Buckshot alerted me to black cat on the drive. I thought it was just a stray. Buckshot knew something was wrong. It was the first time I heard him bark and growl. I looked and it was a panther with his sights on Schatzie. I opened the back door and Schatzie shot in. He rewarded Buckshot by leaving him a little catfood on his plate every day.

Madchen is our other Maine Coon Mix from the same Humane Society. Schatzie was black and tan. She is orange with a white ruff, about 20 lbs. and looks like a Norwegian Snow Cat. It was love at first sight. They snuggled together and groomed each other. I saw her put her paw across his back and lick out his ear. He squirmed, but she held him tight. Yes, she was the bossy one. Now she's the lonely one that sleeps close to me.

We buried Schatzie overlooking the Mississippi River, and left a sizeable rock to mark his grave.

I wrote a letter to the editor of the Press Register in Clarksdale. The vet said other people had brought in dog-mangled cats. "They're packing," he said referring to the dogs. The neighbor ID'd two of them we're familiar with. I wrote that we are concerned for other small or leashed animals, children and adults. We have a lot of runners and walkers in town. We hope the dogs are caught and taken to the Shelter. Madchen doesn't go out at night anymore, neither does Buckshot leashed. We look around before we leave the house.

I ache for Schatzie. Maybe we were supposed to sleep through it. We might have run out and been mangled, too. So much for life in Clarksdale, MS where we have more than gangs to worry about.

2014 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Her Heart Was Aimed Towards Me

     There wasn't a time in my life when I didn't know the Miners family. Bill and I were Cradle Roll babies at the First Presbyterian Church. We graduated from high school the same year. Leonard plowed Nadine's garden and brought them fresh fall mushrooms. Over the decades, plates of cookies, garden produce and other goodies were delivered back and forth. Our support for one another is without end.
     Intelligent and well read, they knew Shakespeare as if he were their next door neighbor. They studied and conversed about everything and anything. 
     Nancy is the last of the living. The rest are as near as her next thought. She said, "We genuinely liked each other. We had different ideas. We debated, but we didn't fight. We were always there for each other."
     "When I was small and overly shy, I was invited to a neighbor girl's birthday party. Two other friends were there, but they wouldn't talk to me. I guess they already knew each other. I stood at a distance. The phone rang. The Birthday girl handed it to me.
     "Nancy, are you having a good time?" Mom asked.
     She couldn't see my head shake. "No," I whispered into the phone.
     "My heart is aimed towards you, Honey. It will be okay."
     I broke out in a smile. Mom, the foundation of everlasting arms took time to check on me. Her love is the kind that is there all the time, goes all the way, always, all ways. No conditions. No clock. No yardstick. No count-it-out. All loving you for you. Carried all the way 100%.
     "Thank you for thinking of me." I hung up confident I could fit in, and I did.

8-23-14 Red Convertible Travel Series  



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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Dear Robin Williams,

Thank you for your contribution to life. You touched many hearts with your wit and wisdom, and will continue to do so. You could be counted on to entertain and at the same time, inspire. I love your movies and interviews and you.

By now I suspect you know you have changed form, but your life has not skipped a beat. I do not judge you. I wish you Grace and Peace.

My family has first-hand experience with the thief Parkinsons. It was a minimal tremor in the beginning. Grandma reached for a glass of water and knocked it over. One accident was nothing. But they happened more often. Broken dishes. Dropped silverware and knives. She cut herself more often. When the head shaking started, she lost her spark. The thief held her hostage and tightened the noose on her independence. Depression moved in and overtook her from time to time. She went from a vibrant, hard working woman to being dependent. 

Grandma Mae, my namesake, could no longer live alone. Unable to coordinate a spoon or hold a glass, she lived with my parents and with us. We hand fed her. Applesauce was her favorite. She liked to go for a slow ride. We took her. Her food had to be chopped fine. A survivor of Quinsy, but it left pockets in her throat that caused choking.

She died with P more than ten years later. We lost her twice. Once when the disease advanced and when she died, but we were grateful she was out of P's grip. 

Robin you will always be a part of us. Love connects hearts 

Whole Wheat love,


P.S.I didn't make this heart. It was in the loaf I bought.

2014 Red Convertible Travel Series

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