Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Original Wahoo Weiners are back

Some of the awards celebrating
 Wahoo Locker's award winning retail meats
Frozen meats
smoked sausages
potato sausages
cream sausages
aged meat
summer sausage
 The original recipe it is. 
Already cooked. Good enough to eat cold.
Delicious sliced in scrambled eggs.
Great hotdogs. Thin casing.
Beranek's shipped them around the world.
Wahoo Locker ships, too.

2014 Red Convertible Travel Series

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If you're going to have a flat on Sunday . . .

be in a city with a Wal-Mart.

It was close to noon when I felt a shimmy and knew I had a flat. The I70 shoulder was paved, but the drop off beyond was too steep for changing it, and the traffic was heavy. I eased on just long enough to ruin the tire.AAA came to my rescue, and in less than 20" the donut was on, and I was back on the road to the nearest Wal-Mart.

They had a 6-7 hour wait time, and I had a long ways to go. I was directed to another "giant" Wal-Mart with an hour wait. I have never seen a Wal-Mart with tunnels of high stacks of merchandise. If someone had managed to withdraw a low box, a mountain would have tumbled.

The manager came downcast and sat down beside me. Not only is it not repairable, but your front tires have been flat, haven't them? I nodded. He said they were beginning to look like young cauliflower, too.

The good news was they had the tires I buy. I was more than 400 miles from home, but I couldn't have been in a better place. And . . . someone had left a bag of three fresh beets by the register. Maybe they forgot them, or didn't want them. That was my good luck, too. I love beets.

2014 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dialogue between Benjamin Franklin and the Gout

     The Oxford Book of American Essays features works that have expired copyrights. I've been having great fun loading my birthday Kindle with free books. Benjamin Franklin wrote this piece at Midnight, 22 October, 1780.
     He prefers a sedentary life.
     Madame Gout, as he calls it, lists his infractions: ... your amusements, your recreation, at least, should be active. You ought to walk or ride; or, if the weather prevents that, play at billiards.  . . . While the mornings are long, and you have leisure to go abroad, what do you do? Why, instead of gaining an appetite for breakfast, by salutary exercise, you amuse yourself with books, pamphlets, or newspapers, which commonly are not worth reading. Yet you eat an inordinate breakfast, four dishes of tea, with cream, and one or two buttered toasts, with slices of hung beef, which I fancy are not things the most easily digested. Immediately afterwards you sit down to write at your desk, or converse with persons who apply to you on business. Thus the time passes till one, without any kind of bodily exercise. But all this I could pardon, in regard, as you say, to your sedentary condition.
     But what is your practice after dinner? Walking in the beautiful gardens of those friends with whom you have dined would be the choice of men of sense; yours is to be fixed down to chess, where you are found engaged for two or three hours! This is your perpetual recreation, which is the least eligible of any for a sedentary man, because, instead of accelerating the motion of fluids, the rigid attention it requires helps to retard the circulation and obstruct internal secretions. Wrapt in the speculations of this wretched game, you destroy your constitution. What can be expected from such a course of living, but a body replete with stagnant humors, ready to fall prey to all kinds of dangerous maladies, if I, the Gout, did not occasionally bring you relief by agitating those humors, and so purifying or dissipating them?
     If I was in some nook or alley in Paris, deprived of walks, that you played awhile at chess after dinner, this might be excusable; but the same taste prevails with you in Passy, Auteuil, Montmartre, or Sanoy, places where there are the finest gardens and walks, a pure air, beautiful women, and most agreeable and instructive conversation; all which you might enjoy by frequenting the walks. But these are rejected for this abominable game of chess.
     Franklin. Oh! ehhh!- It is not fair to say I take no exercise, when I do very often, going out to dine and returning in my carriage.
     Gout. That, of all imaginable exercises, is the most slight and insignificant, if you allude to the motion of a carriage suspended on springs. By observing the degree of heat obtained by different kinds of motion, we may form an estimate of the quantity of exercise given ...
     You can find "the rest of the story" in The Great American Essays.

     And that, dear reader, is a tour of history.

2014 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Resorts Casino Pastry Chef Luis, Robinsonville, MS

Luis, the new Pastry Chef's work
 Smooth and creamy. Delish!
 Just the right size.
 Wish I'd tried it. Fruity.
I'm glad serving slices are smaller.
 Fresh Apple Streudel was great! 
Reminds me of the Czech ladies back home.
I ran out of room. Next time.
I could make a meal off his work.
Luis is definitely an asset.

2014 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Monday, March 03, 2014

Abe's Bar-B-Q

At the Legendary Crossroads of 49 & 61

Clarksdale, MS

Famous Bar-B-Q-Sauce:

The Come Back Sauce 

 Abraham Davis Founder 1924

"Swine Dining"

Pit Bar-B-Q-Pork or Beef

Hot dogs, hamburgers


BBQ Beans



Soft Drinks

Abe's T-shirts

Frozen grape leaves

Great place to eat!


2014 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Meche's Mardis Gras Donut King Cake


It was delicious.
I could have eaten the whole thing!
Bavarian cream filling in part
chocolate frosting in others
whoever found the tiny doll
buys the next one.
Hurry back!

And they ship.

2014 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mother Nature does Valentines

Feb. 8, 2014

It snowed 
in Mississippi

A car turned around 
in front of our house

Turning wheels
created hearts

Love is all there is

Thanks,  Mother Nature

2014 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Biloxi, MS Cemetery behind The Elk's Lodge on I90

Part of the cemetery's monster Live Oak Tree
It takes "a group" to put their arms around the trunk.

2014 Red Convertible Travel Series

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Biloxi, MS, Post Hurricane Katrina and Jan '14 snow and ice

It was our first trip to the coast since Katrina. 
Mother Nature brought everything to a halt again
January '14
when she delivered snow and ice
that lingers.

The Gulf is still the Gulf.
Gulls and pigeons are still gulls and pigeons.
that feast on day-old bread.

Post Katrina:
Sculptures of birds and marine life
were created from the
remains of live oak trees along I90
chainsaw artists Dayton Scoggins and Marlin Miller

I was moved to tears.
Out of unimaginable devastation beauty arose,
there are blessings
in the worst

Go to biloxi.ms.us
find what's "Free"
for pics of the sculptures
info on the area.
There's lots to see and do.

2014 Red Convertible Travel Series

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