Saturday, May 04, 2013

Winter in May

The air is charged with anxiety. May is not warming, it's more wet winter. Will it flood? When will it quit raining? Is the snow ever going to stop?

We're grateful we live about 20' higher than the creek to the north of our house. Behind the Levee is another matter. Camps are evacuated. Houses that were raised 17' after 2011 hope they are high enough. Excessive snow melt and rain flow into the MS River could produce flooding for months to come. Farmers aren't able to get into their fields. The mettle of us all is being tested. It's a knee-bender. I am reminded no problem is bigger than God. And being the all powerful, all knowing, everywhere at once Creator, it makes sense to me to align with it rather than do it my own.

I overheard two ladies talking about the "end times" being near. When I was a child, I heard on the radio that people were taking refuge in US mountain caves anticipating "the end".  It raised concerns in my young heart. How come we weren't told? What are we supposed to do? I took note of how many months until "it" was supposed to happen. It didn't. The earth didn't turn inside out. I wondered if the cave-hiders were surprised or embarrassed. That's not to say it couldn't happen some day. Nebraska has been a desert. Large animal bones similar to African species have been found in north central Nebraska. And Nebraska has been part of a large inland lake.

When I hiked the Grand Canyon, I studied nature's cupboard of resting fossils. Saltwater seashells, fresh water fish skeletons, flowers and petrified wood are evidence earth's axis shift.

Whatever does or doesn't happen, I find it beneficial to my peace of mind to ask the Lord to take care of everything and put me where He needs me. In the South they say "You better hope you're prayed up!" I don't know where the water line is on that, but only God knows which prayer tips the scale.

Wishing you warm, sunny days, an unemployed snow scoop, rivers confined to their banks, and farmland  easily growing this year's crops.

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