Sunday, April 28, 2013

MS River on the move

Is winter finally coming to an end in Minnesota? When my sister lived in St. Paul, she said they had two seasons: shovel and swat.

Here in Clarksdale this past Wed, we had low temps, wind, rain and heavy cloud cover making everything seem winter dark .It reminded me of Scotland.  I compared it to November here and thought about Christmas shopping.

The MS river is rising about a foot a day. Locals are relocating whatever is movable from behind the Levee. We watch the Helena, AR gauge. At 4 pm today, it was at 37.74'. Next Wed. it is expected to hit 40': Take Action Stage. I did not see mention of 40' as the crest. With all the snow and rain up north, west and east, it could be an eventful summer. We've done what we can. Now we watch and wait.

2/21/1937 the river reached an all time high of 60.2' The all time low of -4.20' was 7/11/1988.

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