Friday, May 31, 2013

CROSS ROAD, author Christopher J. West

The story was inspired by the legend of the cross-roads in Clarksdale, MS, wherein a struggling musician sells his soul to Satan in exchange for talent and fame.

As a minister, Chris says, "If a person can truly 'sell' their soul, then supply and demand takes effect A person or entity that might want to own or possess your soul, if you will, may pay a high price for it."

The main goal of his story is, "No matter what happens to you, there's always redemption."

If someone sold their soul, how would they collect on it? Wouldn't they need another body to occupy? Would they push somebody out of theirs? Drugs and alcohol alter the mind opening the aura for anybody to walk in and take over. Is that what they'd do? What do you think?

For the record: "Hear Yee. Hear Yee. My soul is not for sale; I AM the Lord's."

West will read and sign books at the Carnegie Public Library at 4 pm today.

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