Saturday, May 04, 2013

Memory Malfunction: the elephant and I

photo by Leroy & Alice Patocka-Fortner in Zimbabwe, Africa.

The elephant leaving the pool must have forgotten something. Me too. I published this picture and a short piece 10/27/09. Over the weekend I came across more information.

The community watering hole attracts sable, impala, bush buck and giraffe. Other visitors needing a sip, slurp or splash are oribi (small tan-colored antelope), zebra, leopard, hyena, eland and blue wildebeest. Wild hogs, baboons, monkeys, warthogs and guinea fowl join the fray. And there are probably other species as well.

Not only do they all come to drink, they bathe, pee and poop in the water. Natives come to wash their clothes and hang them on bushes to dry. Alice and Leroy's laundry was washed in well water, dried and ironed to kill the crud. Here at the pool vehicles are washed, and natives take water home for drinking and cooking. That about covers it.

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