Friday, April 05, 2013

Cemetery Walk

This week we've had mist to drizzle to down pour. April is living up to her "showers" reputation - tears after March's bi-polar rant. This morning was foggy as the Blue Ridge Parkway. Fog lights lit the roadsides and driving was treacherous when last we traveled it.

Here at home I took my umbrella and went for a walk without boots and raincoat. Even though the day reminded me of Scotland, I was confident our drizzle would not turn to straight-line rain. There hasn't been a recent hurricane in the Gulf.

My destination was Oakhurst Cemetery. The drive curves around old, old oak trees. The recent graves were my priority. I wanted to see (with my mind's eye) who was dead and didn't know it. (Only the body dies. The soul doesn't skip a beat.) I touched each heart so they knew they were acknowledged and not alone. Heart to heart we conversed. Those who were ready to go "home", I took to the tall, wood carved double doors that open into the afterlife. The right door opened a sliver for them to enter. I did not. I have more work to do here.

2013 Red Convertible Travel Series

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