Sunday, April 28, 2013

Chiropractic care

At a young age, I  became acquainted with the local "bone crusher".  The hogs had wrestled me for their five gallon bucket of food and knocked me down one too many times. Give me cattle care any day. I don't remember much about the treatment, but it opened my eyes to the idea there are a variety of ways to get things done.

Fast forward to the mid-eighties.  I stopped at a yellow light and the guy behind me didn't giving me a whiplash. I drove straight to my chiropractor in Wahoo. He determined the jolt had lifted my head off my axis and set it down crooked. He said it was his job to put my head on straight. Let's don't push it. I like me just the way I am.

Residue from the accident stayed with me for decades. I didn't like the cracking method of adjustment, but it was all there was. I'd ask if he had a to-go box in the event my head did snap off.

Fast forward to  2011. Lifting and moving and a slip on the ice left me walking with a cane. Dr. Alia McCoy of Delta Chiropractic, Clarksdale, MS, is a pediatric specialist, just what I needed, since I AM a big baby about adjustments. I am more than pleased with her treatments. She gives the kindest, gentlest adjustments I have ever had.  I no longer need to ask about a to-go box. I can go for long walks again. When I turn my head, my neck no longer sounds like I'm crunching potato chips. She adjusts my extremities. I haven't been in this good of shape for decades. If you are in the Clarksdale area and need help, call 662-627-7640 for an appointment with Dr. Alia or Dr. Patty and tell them Maeann sent you.

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Shan Salas @ Brandon Chiropractor said...

Chiropractic treatment is always worth a try. It's really scary to hear the cracking sounds; just think that it's all going to be alright. So, how are you now?

Shavonda Wallis said...

You'll feel comfortable with any treatment when you have a kind doctor to guide you. I'm glad that your chiropractor worked gently. Well, I'm sure you're feeling a lot better now.

Shavonda @