Monday, December 30, 2013

Twenty-eight minute hours

The year has raced past. If it is true the earth is spinning faster without signs of slowing, will we eventually have 28" hours. Would we get more done or less? Would a break still be 10"? Would the day end after twenty-four 28" hours or would we have over 48 hours in a day. I used to say I needed more time. Is that how we'd get it? I could read more, write more, eat more. Skip the eat more. Would it be easier to set aside an hour to garden, an hour to walk the dog, an hour to nap. Noooo! I want a 60" nap.

Could I visit more countries in December and learn how people celebrate the holidays? Would Denmark's Legos fall faster? Would Santa have enough time to deliver all the toys?

If the world continues to speed up, hours might shrink to a moment or less. Then what? The past, the present and the future would all happen at once. They already do. Unresolved issues sneak into today. Our thoughts wrapped in feelings go into the future to circle back with more of the same.

New Year's Eve we will walk through the lake of Violet Transmuting Flame to erase our unintentional errors for the year - the Grace of God at work. January 1st feels like a fresh start.

Whatever happens, my wish for you is: Peace in your Soul
Love in your Heart
and Plenty.

Enjoy the ride. Take care and God Bless.



P.S. While I was writing this for you . . . there was an explosion in the kitchen. Uh, the eggs I was boiling got through before I did.

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