Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas and an F2 in Clarksdale, MS

A week ago St. Paul's Methodist Church had an outside nativity with multiple scenes. Two hundred and seventy people drove through. I volunteered for a 30 minute slot and was assigned the position of the Announcing Angel. Oh, Goody, I hadn't been an angel since I was a child in Sunday School. My blog will not upload my pics. Imagine me in my down-filled winter coat and boots. The girls pulled a white cotton gown over my head, wrapped a gold scarf around my neck, attached tall wings with gold trimming and a halo. With outstretched arms, I looked up and smiled. It was a lovely experience. I wanted to keep the halo but they said I had to earn it.

Saturday, the 21st, was the shortest day of the year and the scariest! As they say in the South, You better hope you're prayed up. Mother Nature reminded us who was in charge when She sent an F2 tornado that had worked its way north leaving a fatality at Rena Lara, MS. The west and northwest sides of Clarksdale have the msot damage. Animals are good barometers. Ours were unconcerned. I took that as a positive. High winds raked our shingles up but the house stayed put and so did the pansies. A neighbor's tree fell in our backyard - minor, and the power was off about 12 hours.

There is widespread damage which includes huge uprooted trees at the cemetery behind our house and light poles leaning toward the road to Stovall. Coahoma County High School has roof and water damage. Our street was littered with branches and pecans - the silver lining. We're grateful it wasn't an F3, 4, or 5. Our hearts go out to all affected.

My wish for all is: Peace in your soul, love in your heart and Plenty.

Merry Christmas and may the New Year be your best ever!


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