Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Clarksdale, MS Blues Visitors

I had no clue people come from around the world to Clarksdale, MS to see where the Blues were born. One Sunday morning 31 people got off a bus at McDonald's. I commented to a woman on her colorful scarf. She didn't reply. I tried again. The bus driver came over and said they were all from Norway and didn't speak much English. They'd flown into Nashville and were working their way to New Orleans.

We met four young men from Wisconsin at the Juke Joint Festival in April. Nick had worked installing the security system in Wahoo's new jail. He was within walking distance of my home. Ryan, an Aries warrior, defends sturgeons. The are poached for their eggs/caviar. When they are mating, they are vulnerable.

At one of the Friday music-in-the-Park nights, we met a young couple from Manchester, England. They'd flown to New Orleans and were working their way to Nashville. It was a min-vacation to talk with them and remember my trips to England.

A young woman from AZ told me her mother bought her a baby, lime green iguana when she was born. It  slept with her until she was eight-years old and five-feet long.

Just look at all I would have missed, if I'd stayed in Wahoo. Who will I meet next?

2013 Red Convertible Travel Series

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