Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentines & Elephants

Pickled beets left a Valentine on my plate.  I promise I did not alter their drop of juice.

If I had the memory of an elephant, I would never forget to send Valentines. I would remember everybody's name, their birthday, anniversary, get well or encouragement card.  I would always know where my car keys are and my car.  I can only wish and keep trying.

I read Carol McCloud's Fill A Bucket to a second grade class.  When a person does something nice for someone, it fills that person's bucket and the giver's.  Each child smiled remembering something they had done that put a smile on someone's face.  Bullies are bucket dippers.  Not only do they take out of the other person's bucket, they take out of their own.  It's a "nobody feels good" moment.  I gave each student two Valentine stickers with the instructions to keep one and give the other away.

One of my favorite cards is from leanin'   In the kid quips section, 7 year-old Harris Weinstein's card says: If I had TEN thumbs * I'd put them ALL UP for YOU.

Nobody ever died from too much praise.   A local doctor paid the tuition for several nursing students.  I've never met him, but he deserved my hand written thank you note.  Appreciation goes a long ways.  Next Wednesday I'm giving each student a blank thank you card to fill out and give to someone they appreciate.

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