Sunday, February 03, 2013

Super Bowl 47 2013

Good for morale. Good for the economy.

Who do you think's going to win?  I think SF will, but what do I know?  I haven't been in the stands to watch either of them.  Whoever wins, it will be hashed and rehashed a long time.  Right now my concern is making spinach balls and hot mustard sauce to take to a party.

I wish I was in New Orleans today for the game and the food.  I'm in Mississippi, but ours is different.  When I googled Super Bowl food, I found  She also has a book I'm ordering. The Healthy Voyager's Global Kitchen-150 Plant Based Recipes From Around The World. 

Miss Carolyn has a great blog post on healthy and vegan eating in The Big Easy, Chocolate City, New Orleans.
   Briefly: Try the for great Cajun cooking.
   For great coffee and veggie sandwiches, it's
   If you're interested in Latin veggie and vegan, try
   For African vegan, go to
   And for veggies and gluten free, it's

Here's to a great game and great food!

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