Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sister Buys a Neck

Swedes grow skinny like trees or round like bushes. Little sister was a bush.
For a long time she desired to be svelte like a tree and thought,

I'll buy me a neck
and collar bones to go with it
and elbows
a discernible waist
shapely hips
and daylight between my knees-a first
to go with my oval  face
flawless complexion
dainty nose - slightly crooked
cascading tresses
tacked up tits-Goodbye Army issue bra.
lopped off belly
dainty feet
and soft manicured hands
so I can shop at Victoria's Secret
wear chiffon and boar
that red silk bat-winged dress I always wanted
and dancing slippers
so I can play with Mr. Right

And she did, proof a bush can become a tree.

2013 Red Convertible Travel Series

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