Friday, July 19, 2013

The Fork's Life

Dedicated to Angela Levkoff whose Grandmother passed recently.

An heirloom
with its own stories
of foods forked
at Grandma's Sunday dinners

Crispy fried chicken
homegrown potatoes mashed and milk gravy
picked and shucked Sunday morning
wilted with bacon, green onions
and a splash of vinegar
homemade buns
butter and honey
angelfood cake
real cream whipped
sliced, fresh garden strawberries
on top

and the things it heard . . .
the neighbor is in a family-way
markets are going down
so and so's kid stole the boss's tools
will he go to jail

it's job done
washed in hot soapy water
dried with a soft towel
tucked back in her silver chest

Grandma died
the silver chest laid untouched
until a granddaughter
lifted the lid
oohed and aahed
and took possession

the craftsman heated it
 intertwined the prongs
to make two hearts
and bent the handle
to go around her wrist
one more way
holds Grandma close

2013 Red Convertible Travel Series

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