Saturday, July 13, 2013

Mercury Retrograde - Keep a sense of humor!!!!!!

I've learned to keep a sense of humor when Mercury goes Retrograde. 6/26/13 thru 7/20/13. It's do over time. Annoying but not disastrous. The best advice is Keep a sense of humor! 

July 4th we went camping at a mini-lake with a dock that stretched half-way into the lake and two port-a-potties. Yah! Two fellows said they'd seen the very large three-legged alligator that lives there. We didn't. Thank goodness! However, the generator wouldn't work, which meant we didn't have electricity. The propane tank made more whooshing noise than fire. And short, rusty wires kept the outhouses wired shut!
We had a flat tire on the truck. We aired it and I headed home. About ten miles out I checked and the tire was flat again. I aired it to 35 psi and limped the rest of the way. The next morning the tire was flat with a hole as big as the end of my finger.

After careful editing, I UPS'd a letter. When I got home I discovered I hadn't completed the address. If it comes back, I'll do it over, thanks to Mercury Retrograde.

Yesterday I went out of town to pick up a car  and couldn't get its doors to unlock. One of the shop guys opened it. Okay, I'm good to go. The next time I tried to get in, I had to enter through the passenger door and climb over the console. That wasn't the cool look I wanted driving a flashy, two-door, black and white BMW with multiple buttons and switches, but I was laughing too hard to care. At the gas station I couldn't open either door. Dawn had to pump and pay for me. A hundred miles later I parked it at the owner's home and neither door would open. This car has security issues! Just as I was stretching to go out the window, I spotted a lock button on the console. It's situations like this that make extra laundry.

In spite of careful editing, I suspect there are clerical errors here, too:) for more on Mercury Retrograde

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