Wednesday, July 03, 2013

July 4th Gunshot Celebrations

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Clarksdale Press Register article 6/26/13

   "It's something that we've grown accustomed to during the last few years. The 4th of July and New Years being rung in by the sounds of gunshots mixed in with the bottle rockets, Black cats and Roman Candles. The sheriff's deputies and Clarksdale police officers alike will surely be chasing calls in the hundreds as citizens make reports concerning the celebratory sounds they are hearing next week.
   "Not that the geniuses that actually decide it's a good idea to fire weapons into the air are actually reading the newspaper, but hopefully others that can pass on this message, 'GUNSHOTS FIRED INTO THE AIR HAVE TO COME DOWN SOMEWHERE! THEY DON'T JUST DISAPPEAR!'
   "The bullets travel up to a mile into the air (depending on the angle) and fall back to the earth at terminal speed.
   "If we're lucky enough not to be hit by the returning bullets, they can still damage property and cause major repair bills.
   "We celebrate the 4th of July to honor those who had to fire guns in order to protect our freedoms. Don't dishonor them by firing yours needlessly."

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