Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mooshing Bernie

Bernie was between trips to Chicago for treatment. We had to have a Pearl Girls party. Kim was at work and Sandi was otherwise occupied, but they were there in spirit. Di and I held up our end. Chris called from NYC with well wishes.

Bernie said she'd eat anything healthy. No problem. I fixed a fresh sweet potato and green bean soup, tomato slices with capers, and limeade from fresh squeezed limes.

Earlier in the day Kim left a wrapped present for her: a pin/pendant "Tree of Life" representing the huge oak trees on her farm. We could almost hear the wind in it. Hugging a tree is good medicine.

Bernie explained the mix of medicine and holistic treatment in Chicago. They treat the whole person on all levels. God bless them. There's more to cancer treatment than chemo and radiation.

She admired an oblong print on my wall: pots of colorful impatients lined up on steps. It was natural to offer it to her. She protested. I insisted claiming Indian thinking: if someone admires something I have, I should give it to them. Except for my man. She giggled and accepted my picture.

We didn't need to give her presents, but there is the urge to give her something to smile about, even though she stays upbeat. We're in this with her, and would move heaven and earth to free her of it. That's what friends do.

For dessert I fanned slices of Braeburn apples. Under the fresh mint leaf is chopped Braeburn apple with chopped almonds, cinnamon and a splash of almond milk. Yum.

Until next time, Pearl Girls, Bon Appetite!

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