Sunday, August 22, 2010

Past Pastor 'n Pat's Pearl Party

Is that a mouthful, or what?

Ryker came in and announced, "Chefy Ryker here, and I want an apron." We substituted my jacket. He pushed a stool to the stove and proceeded to saute fresh veggies for the Vegetarian Split-Pea Soup, our first course. Gently stirring he commented, "The flavors have to marry. What kind of kids will they have?" .

Aja popped in and insisted, "I'll help." Every cook needs a pot scrubber.

Justin prepared the salmon in parchment per Suzane Somers with lemon slices and sprigs of fresh thyme. He had never eaten it but was willing to try. "Can I come back and cook some more?" Sure.

Pastor and Pat arrived all smiles and game to wear the pearl table decorations. Schatzie came running and jumped in his lap. That's a first for anyone. Pastor generously petted and scratched him until dinner was ready.

We steamed Whole Foods baby red potatoes and green peas, added a splash of butter and sprigs of garden baby dill making a colorful presentation.

Over the years I've watched Pastor minister to our community. He overflows with love and compassion for all. It is safe to say he walks the talk of Jesus Christ.

Pat was excited, "We are going to Denmark. Andy will meet us there. He is making all of the arrangements." Awesome! They trained him right.

Pastor added, "My parents and I sailed to Denmark when I was twelve. One stormy night, I didn't think we'd make it."

Our palette cleanser was apple/pear gelato. Refreshing.

"Have you had your pudd today?" I asked. It was a quesion often heard in old England.I found the recipe in Betty Crocker. Kim was pouring it into the baking dish and lost her grip. Might as well laugh; she had egg on more than her face.

The Pudd baked in a hot water bath. The top became a sponge cake and the bottom settled into lemon pudding. Outstanding! No wonder it appears in so many recipe books.

I forgot to serve the wine and take pictures of food, but a good time was had by all. They filled my house with laughter and warm memories of good friends,good food and eager to learn to cook children.

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