Friday, October 31, 2008


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Mischievious as these two are, I'll bet they'll get the begeebees scared out of them tonight if they're in our yard. JB made a ghost. It isn't a Nantucket "set-stiller" that waits and spooks people who walk past. This one has a basket for a head covered with a white plastic bag. Strips of black electrical tape make slits for eyes and mouth. The shoulders stay straight with a piece of rake handle and my missing garden gloves attached to the ends. 2" board legs are secured with twist ties. The feet are sponges. Draped in blinking Christmas lights and attached by a rope, it hangs suspended from our Red Leaf Maple like a horse thief. JB intends to "drop it" near the unsuspecting. Beware.

Happy Halloween

2008 Red Convertible Travel Series

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