Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Krysia Takes the Big Trip

Before I was married, or even thinking about it, I read about a Polish Dr. whose daughter's name was Krysia. I saved the name and gave it to my first-born 4-6-64. We pronounced it Kris-e-ah. Years later she said it is pronounced Krish-a, Kris for short. Mom was the last to know.

Preparing her memory board, we found her "First Class Scouting Award" -- give her a list and she accomplished mountains of work. Ballet, flute and Rock to Bach were favorites. She appreciated and defended animals. An avid reader she donated many of her books to the local library. In appreciation they gave her a gift certificate to Barnes & Noble. That's looking ahead. She loved instruction manuals, the "keys to the kingdom." A graduate of Wesleyan University with a BS in Business & Psychology, she worked in the family small business consulting firm.

When diagnosed with cancer in Aug. of 06, she did not buy the prediction she would live three weeks. She prepared to live, not die. Live she did, and defy further doomsday predictions of not making it to Christmas '06 or '07. She asked her Dr., "What have you got against Christmas?"

I brought her home as an invalid in Sep. 06. With the prayers of many and 24/7 care, she improved to feed herself, get out of bed, walk, climb stairs, shower, do her makeup, laundry, drive, and walk 15" on the elliptical at PT. You can see she was not a quitter. She told her Dr., "Until my relatives come and tell me it is time to go, I fight." They came Sep. 27, 2008. Timothy 4: 7 sums up her life: I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Her fighting spirit and sense of humor in the face of severe adversity were great achievements.

Kysia's dream to live and work in New Mexico was unfulfilled. She traveled from this dimension to the next to continue her healing and her journey, a trip we all will take sick or well. Comedian Red Fox said, "Those health nuts are going to feel mighty silly lying there dying of nothing."

I know death is an illusion. Her life goes on uninterrupted. She has a new body in Christ. But the tears still come, and without warning. The good news is: love connects hearts forever.

Praise and criticism came my way for giving my all and my everything to care for her -- I would have given my last breath. I loved her unconditionally, with abandon, as God loves me and everyone else: the good, the bad, the indifferent.

This is not goodbye, Krysia, I'll see you later. Love, Mom

2008 Red Convertible Travel Series

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