Monday, September 15, 2008


Starbuck and T-Bird are fortunate to live with an "open door" policy. Freedom of movement not only increases independence, it encourages self-expression. And their home is mobile -- a 5th wheel currently parked in the shade in Lindsborg, Kansas.

Deborah is recovering from knee replacement surgery with PT and Emmi-T, part beagle, part angel, empathetic to the pain of necessary exercise. When Deborah cries so does Emmie.

Parakeet empathy might be harder to identify, but they are aware, talk alot, have opinions on everything, and are always good for a laugh. Living "on the edge," both like to dive bomb Emmie who knows they'd be just one bite, but she restrains herself. Luckily the birds are "behind bars" when Pastor and Deborah are away.

For thrills Starbuck flies through people's hair giving a whole new meaning to "teasing." Even looking down at T-Bird there's an illusion of looking up. His feathers are white, cloud-like, with a sky-blue underbelly. He chases the cursor at the top of the screen when Pastor Peter is at the computer. Whether dizzy or disturbed by Pastor's sermon work, without warning he moons him, a blue moon, no less. Who says parakeets have no sense of humor?

2008 Red Convertible Travel Series

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