Sunday, May 22, 2005

Knees Worth Noticing

Cedar trees hold branches close
Willow trees hang loose
Cypress trees stand, observe
showing off their knees

At a dead lake outside of Pascagoula, Mississippi, we fished for crappie. Sitting on the bank and looking across, the "knees" took on personalities. (I swear I was sober.) "In medieval garb a mother stood between two short ones. The girl had curls of Spanish moss. A woman with a scalloped cape held a child. The tall one in back had a large cross on its chest - High Priestess? A dozen nondescript ones stood in the middle, foot soldiers, or wet-foot soldiers. Up out of the water you'd think their complexion would improve. It hasn't.

A jerk on my line revealed I'd caught a two-pound crappie on a dead minnow. There's no accounting for some tastes.

copyright 2005 Red Convertible Travel Series

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