Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Homeless in Cape Girardeau

Two weeks without our RV refigerator working equals salvaged contents floating in a cooler of melted ice, even though we drain it daily and continually add more. Secretly I pretend I'm in Europe and "market" often. We grill meat or fry crappie with our neighbors in the evening, roast eggplant, fennel, potatoes and onions with olive oil and salt, toast garlic bread, have fresh strawberry shortcake and finish the evening by the bonfire. The full moon adds a touch of romance. We're doing okay.

Like those rousted from their home by fire, we took what we "thought" we would need for today when we left our RV at the shop. JB bought us Kentucky Fried Chicken we took to the park and ate with the ducks. Walking by the lake we noticed a chalk drawing on the sidewalk some talented artist had drawn of a pair of birds in God's hands. Would we have taken time for a picnic in the park otherwise? Pobably not.

Feeling like a displaced person, I remembered Grace's Cafe has Wi-Fi, sandwiches, salads, homemade desserts and a variety of Italian soda flavors and other hot and cold drinks. Over an iced latte Annette said she invented a salad today: watermelon, feta cheese, fresh mint leaves, red onion and olive oil. Sounds delicious. I wished I was hungry. Vintage clothes are to my left and comfortable couches that invite intimate conversation to my right. If our refer hadn't gone out, I might not have had the good fortune to spend the afternoon at Grace's.

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