Saturday, June 03, 2017

Answered Prayer

We live on a dead end street. Three huge gum trees are clumped together on the north side of our fence, as if they think they are cypress trees. Their branches spread out over our lot and house. It is their life's mission to flood us with their spiky balls that make walking difficult, mowing a hazard, and the possibility of the balls sprouting on our roof. We'd appreciate someone climbing a ladder and "gently" sweeping them off the roof. Offers?

There was a lot of bend over time involved picking up six large bags full and hauling them to the curb. And I'm not done! It was suggested we spray paint them gold or silver.Not! Help yourself!

I shook my fist at the trees and shouted, "Lord, could you PLEASE drop those balls on the north side of the fence where no one lives? In Jesus's name, Amen!"

A couple of days later, Johnny said, "That was some storm you slept through last night. That south wind blew something awful."

I jumped up and ran out. All the old and new balls were stripped off the tree and on the north side of the fence. Praise the Lord!!!!!

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