Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Veterans Day 2015 and Europe in 1993

Remember the Veterans

Europe in '93
Maeann B Jasa

We thought the wars over
'til we laid down to rest
guns, tanks, barking dogs
were heard in our heads

Germany, Luxembourg,
Holland, France
war haunted our sleep
how could it last

From out of the heavens
came this command
"Free these dear souls
from the hell of the past."

Walking battlefields, cemeteries
my sister and I
acknowledged, telepathed 
with those who are dead

Thousands took notice
 piled weapons in heaps
ten abreast they crossed over
the Bridge to the Light

Military, civilian
all countries alike
God welcomed each one
"Come home. Rest."

The pain and the warring
were gone from the air
peace was on their side
and we felt it here.

Microsoft Clip Art
©2015 Poem Red Convertible Travel Series

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