Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Stauer Stick

The Stauer site states: This is how to walk the talk. The must-have men's accessory once carried by kings, presidents, barons and billionaires is back - and can be yours.

The stick is made of imported Sheesham (Indian Rosewood) with engraved silver-finished brass features, and a rubber tip on the end. All the better to steady his steps and yours Cinderella, when he is on dirt, asphalt, marble floors and Persian rugs.

My romantic self is having a field day. The stick makes me think of powerful gentlemen who don't need to raise their voice to get something done. Boulevard strolls after dinner. White Gloves and top hats to tip, Concierge's full attention. Fine dining. Vintage convertible rides with the top down. Picnics for two on linen in country shade. First class accommodations and more. Sigh. specializes in men and women's vintage accessories. "Arm yourself with Artistry."

Excuse me. My dreams are calling.

©2015 Red Convertible Travel Series

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