Friday, June 12, 2015

B.B. King laid to rest

Wed, June 3, 2015 The Clarksdale Press Register printed a piece by Charlie Smith of The Enterprise-Tocsin. "For sixty years, B.B. King graced the world with his music. At his services, Charlie Sawyer, B.B.'s biographer, said, "B.B. King lives in every blues lick on every electric guitar as long as blues is played." He noted that even after 18,000 performances, B.B.'s hands were soft from the way he cradled his black guitar, "Lucille."

"President Obama and former President Clinton lauded "his musical genius and simple human kindness.

"King grew up in Mississippi poor as poor could be, like so many others. He played for the prisoners at Parchman. Music may have kept him from living there.

I first heard "When a man loves a woman" while living in the Midwest. There was such anguish in his voice, I wept for his lost love." I did not yet know the pain of divorce.

People came from around the world for his funeral at Indianola, MS., home of his museum.
RIP B.B. Your memory and music live on.

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