Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Love is all around!

 Finding natural "hearts" started with this.

 Then I took a walk and saw this.

 A tiny bit of egg white escaped the griddle to show some love.

 Oh, chocolate cake loves us too!

 I chopped celery for soup.
When I cleaned off the cutting board,
I found this heart.

 Broccoli love.

Deer meat skillet magic!

A baby seal napped on my napkin.
Nibbling an apple and sunflower seeds,
I turned a slice over to pick up a seed.
This is what I got.
I tried to create another and the seeds wouldn't stick.
Nature does it best!

Have a Happy Valentine's Day
and keep your eyes open 
for Love!

©2015 Red Convertible Travel Series

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