Friday, October 04, 2013

Fear of city driving

Recounting fearful situations, driving in a big city was high on my list. I lived in Wahoo, NE and did not drive in Omaha until I was thirty. Of course I got lost and was scared to death. I asked for directions twice. Both times they were wrong. A nervous wreck, I finally make it to my destination. Now that I'm in MS, I frequently make the drive to NE in one day, all 800 miles of it. Those baby steps gave me the courage to tow a vehicle through Kansas City, St Louis, El Paso, Dallas, Nashville and Atlanta, to name a few.

Thirteen years ago today we bought a used forty foot motorhome. Talk about a challenge! The rear wheels are set forward, not close to the end like a bus. Too quick of a turn could wipe out a lane of traffic. I learned to drive it and by myself from Big Springs, TX to Tucson, AZ.

If I had stayed in my comfortable NE home, there's a lot I would have missed.

2013 Red Convertible Travel Series

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