Sunday, December 02, 2012

McCarty's Pottery & Gallery Restaurant

If you have people on your Christmas list who like pottery, check out
Last October Jani and I visited their shop at Merigold, MS, in what was originally a mule barn. Shoppers were shoulder to shoulder, and they were buying.

Should you be on the premises, be sure to visit the gardens. Decades of work have gone into them.

If you want an elegant lunch, their Gallery Restaurant is worth it. We were served without a reservation, but there were other's present who had made them.

The bunny is McCartys, too.

The dark stripe on the cup represents the MS River.

Vegetable soup. Tasty.

We chose the shrimp enchilada with creamed spinach and Merigold tomatoes.

For dessert we shared a footed pottery goblet of Chocolate Cobbler with ice cream. It was a large serving and awesome. It served our chocolate fix for the day.

Mississippi has lots of treasures. Happy shopping! And Happy Holidays!
Peace and Grace to all.

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