Sunday, December 02, 2012

Deep Soth Williamson and Simmons graves Sardis, MS

Our maternal grandfather was RoyWilliamson. As a small child, he and his family left Ohio and homesteaded in Saunders County, Nebraska in the late 1800's. When we asked him where they came prior to Ohio, he said they waved at Columbus.  His wife, our grandmother, was Mae Simmons. As a child, her family also traveled from Ohio to homestead at Lynn, Kansas. They were married 56 years. Grandma was a wife, mother and homemaker. She passed in the 1970's.

Jani and I randomly visit cemeteries. At Sardis, MS, we were shocked to find Williamson's and Simmons.

Oh, if these stones could just talk.

Masonic carving on Rose Hill Williamson stone. Grandpa was a 50 year Mason in Nebraska.
And Jani and I found Williamson's at the cemetery in Muthill, Scotland. I think this is a job for

2012 Red Convertible Travel Series

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