Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Where my blogging time went!

This is Buckshot, the little Feist squirrel dog that adopted us last Thanksgiving at the tender age of ten weeks. I was shocked when JB announced he was coming home with us. It was the equivalent of finding a baby in a basket on our doorstep. I knew his care would land on me. It did. I dug deep in my mothering experience to meet his needs.

He created his bed and made himself at home. JB took him to the camp the first night and let him sleep with him. Buckshot believes its his rightful place today.

JB says he's never seen a dog so loving. When I first looked into Buckshot's big brown eyes, I saw a blank canvas. He had no preconceived ideas about the world. It was up to us to program him. I put love in. He puts love out.
Cats Schatzie and Madchen were not happy with the arrangement. No one asked them if they wanted "a brother". They didn't and still don't. While I cleaned house, he decorated his crate by shredding puppy papers he snatched from a kitchen chair. I think Madchen egged him on telling him, "Mom will love it."
He is now nine months old. His sharp, into everything teeth are an issue. Nothing is sacred. The vet says it could last a year. Ugh. He shredded a small doll full of plastic bee bees. I'm still finding them.

I am learning how to walk him on his leash and where not to walk. The local ants were not pleased to meet me, and I have the welts to prove it. And that's where my blogging time has gone.

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