Sunday, June 10, 2012

My friend, The Head,

is a quadraplegic I met when I volunteered to read to residents of a Nursing Home. I admit tears got away when I first saw him and thought of all he couldn't do. I can't imagine such limitation.

Over a few weeks of reading and visiting, I discovered my new friend is interested in everything; he has no distrations. He is warm, funny and kind and can talk on any subject. I've learned about fishing, sports and travel, to name a few areas.

He wanted to hear Stephen King books. I shuddered. The director said I'd only be reading in the daylight. I was thrilled to discover someone donated three books on tapes to the library, and the home bought him a tape player. My next visit I didn't interrupt his listening. He was aglow with pure delight.

My friend likes NASCAR stories, too. When I read about Dale Earnhardt's frustration over a losing streak, I asked him what he did with his frustration.
He didn't hesitate. "I don't have any."
I was stunned. I have a lot to learn from this man. 

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