Thursday, April 07, 2011

How do I hold it still?

Our house faces east overlooking the start of the Sunflower River with lots of wet-feet friends and family, Cypress knees. It's a pleasant view in the daylight but is wide-open naked to the world at night. Plantation blinds are near the windows, just not up doing their job, yet. We need 36 hr. days.

There's something primitive and homey about working with pins and needles. I remember Grandmother Williamson attempting to thread a needle when Parksinson's insisted otherwise. She managed to quilt into her late 70's. For graduation she made me a yellow and lavender quilt I display on a stand Papa made. Twice the memories.

When knit fabric became available in the 60's, our folks bought bolt ends that arrived in refrigerator boxes, usually three at a time. Heaven in a box! I sewed matching daisy bathing suits for my girls and myself and most everything else we wore. Dad got into it, too, sewing for Mother while she taught school. Krysia said for a new outfit she'd go anywhere with me.

It feels good to do two things at once. Venison stew and veggies slow cook in the crockpot. Savory scents slip out to tease. My Brother sewing machine is parked on the end of the kitchen table west of where I stuck a strip of masking tape across the table to mark fabric length. It was securing the creamy, filmy fabric for cutting that concerned me.

Use what's handy: a rubber-bottomed quart thermos; a quart jar of dried great northern beans; a pint jar of fig jam; a 15' metal tape measure; a bottle of Makers Mark Whiskey; my rubber-backed cell phone and a ten pound bag of red potatoes! Yes!!!!!!

Measure twice, cut once. I giggled and sewed. It's the perfect finish to the front door. And it looks soooo French.

I can still do it!

2011 Red Convertible Travel Series

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