Monday, April 04, 2011

Butterfingers for God

Not brave enough to have a doctor pierce my ears years ago, I did the "sleeper" method. Hurt like everything. My right lobe is pierced at an angle and eventually the doctor had to pierce my left. As a result, my right earrings don't hang straight, amateur work.

I thought I had fastened my good gold earring in my right lobe, but apparently I didn't. No amount of searching produced it. Naked lobes are a kin to no mascara. Blah. Blah.

About a week later I happened upon a gift shop. More interested in making a friend than shopping, Nan and I talked about books and authors. Romance Hall of Famer, Dorothy Garlock, is a favorite of mine. I met her the Fourth of July 2003. Sitting on her porch she told of caring for a relative's Great Dane that was afraid of storms. It had run through the screen door and tried to get all 90 of its pounds on her lap.

I mentioned I was looking for small earrings but didn't see any on the display I liked. She reached under the counter and pulled out a pair of gold, ridged earrings that made me think of short spaghetti. "Do you like these?"
I tried them on, "Perfect!"
Nan smiled and said, "I'm giving them to you."
My eyes popped. "Wow! Thank you!"
She grinned, "Butterfingers for God!"

2011 Red Convertible Travel Series

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