Thursday, June 03, 2010

Tea 'til 2

Flowers need sunshine and rain; friendships need appreciation, time and love.

I’ve known Connie since she was three. That’s her in the middle wearing what was my lime green jacket, and she didn't take it off, either. Jani and I were at our grandparents when we first saw her across the street riding her tricycle. Her long, dark, naturally curly hair bobbed as she peddled. We eyed each other, but couldn’t play because neither of us could cross the street.

Mim is on the left. I admire her and Doc for taking their young family to New Zealand for a year while he practiced Veterinary medicine. It inspired me to stretch beyond home.

Carol is an OPTIMIST. Thank God. We need people who can go through the storm and land on their feet. Her outfit was destined for Goodwill, but she changed her mind. It's my size.

Nothing is too good for friends. We had a tea party that started at 10 and quit at 2, not because we were done, we had to. I put out good dishes and a left-handed cup for Connie―LOL. We ate oven-fresh Currant Scones with fresh Clotted Cream, both from “Special Teas;” Strawberry and Seedless Blackberry Preserves ‘all fruit’ by Polaner; and drank Darjeeling, “the champagne of black teas.” Geat friends. Great fun. Great memories.

2010 Red Convertible Travel Series

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