Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It was as delicious as it is beautiful.
I found the recipe in The Essential Vegetarian Cookbook by Whitecap Books US & Canada. The bright colors sold me.

The flan shell is baked first making it nice and crispy. I sliced Roma tomatoes in half long ways, drizzled them with EVOO and sea salt before baking 15” in another pan. A slice of Bocconcini (fresh mozzarella cheese) was placed between each tomato. Green onion slices were scattered with fresh rosemary snips, then baked to finish. The tomatoes flavor deepened and the onions and rosemary opened wide their scent. All the senses were fed.

Diane, Kim and I ate half then stopped to talk about rocks: where from and what for. Rocks have jobs, you know. Diane and Kim are the kids who brought home their lunch pails full, and they’re still collecting. Kim always has a few in her pockets. I appreciate rocks, but my passion is feeding the girls while they discover.

We consumed the rest of the Flan later and topped it off with pineapple/basil gelato, an odd combination that tasted perfect together.

Bon Appetité

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