Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Night Pearl Party Menu

Kim held my Todd English pumpkin-shaped kettle so I could serve each lady Bouef Bourguignonne, a boiled potato and a dipper of sauce with boiled onions and a carrot chunk. A sliced baguette was passed on LBJ's handmade breadboard. Kim and I watched wide-eyed as they wiped their bowls clean with chunks of baguette. No better compliment.

Roasted stoplight peppers and Wild Woman Wilted Salad from “The Passionate Palate” were next. I used a variety of lettuces and not all would wilt. Kim was laughing. Bernie hadn't said two words, but brought the house down,“Nine o’clock, where’s the damn salad?” Di laughed so hard she had to leave the table. The party got louder after that. The St. Croix might have had something to do with it.

A single scoop of Black Raspberry/Champagne Sorbet was the palette cleanser served in my late mother's goblets. I don't know why I should call her late? She was never late for anything. However, she is deceased. The Sorbet was outstanding. Whole Foods.

I was grateful for Kim's help and said so. Someone labeled her “the scullery maid.” She responded imitating Carol Burnett’s mop lady, butt scratch and all.

Back in the kitchen, she milked it some more,“We need some kitchen gossip. Did you see the pearls on the broad at the end?”
I peaked into the dining room. “Yeah, Mrs. Gotrocks.” We bust out laughing
Loud glass tapping at the table. Diane, “Hold it down in there. You’re having too much fun.”
Look who’s talking. She’s wearing all the pearl table decorations.

2010 Red Convertible Travel Series

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