Saturday, April 03, 2010

Easter 2010

Life rearranges
to adjust to the gap
so each may experience
their true spiritual path

Easter the 4th and Krysia's birthday would be the 6th.

It's celebrating Jesus Christ's overcoming death that inspires. Enough with the suffering already, his and everyone else's, I'm concentrating on "The Good News."

Andre Rieu is helping me sort my household. He fiddles while I work. But he's fiddling with the Holland Orchestra and is magnificent. Even Aja likes it. We have to stop and dance.

I had Minestrone with Alphorn Music that could be heard for miles, but without the beauty of the Alps. That's what memory is for. I had a large fresh salad with Andy Griffith when he explained Macbeth, as only he can.

My friend, Diane, is too busy with web design school to cook or dispose of her dozens of quarts jars. I gave her homemade Minestrone in two of my quart jars. fI won't repeat what she said.

This week I offered to fix them dinner. It started with a trip to the meat market for bottom round. Two grocery stores were required for the fresh veggies: potatoes, carrots, parsnips, turnips, turnips and celery.

Inspiried by Vivaldi the menu grew from "Betty Crocker" Beef Stew to include "Joy of Cooking" Popovers. No stopping me now. A Romaine lettuce salad with chopped fresh tomato, sliced burpless cucs and scallions needed a low-cal Vinegarette dressing from "Joy of Cooking." Back to the grocery for Dijon Mustard, scallions and fresh lemons.

With Julia Child enthusiasm, I dug out my Mississippi "Belle's Best" cookbook and made a sourcream poundcake. Then back to the store. My intention was to buy a bag of frozen raspberries. Not at $7.05 a bag! Punt. Mashed fresh strawberries would work just fine. I had a small bottle of CA White Zinfenal to reduce the berries in. Now all I needed was a drizzle. In the frig was an almost empty jar of Hershey's chocolate topping. Bingo!

Dinner was a hit! Middle-schooler, Justin, wants to come and learn to make pound cake. Another kid in my kitchen. I love it.

"Julia and Julie," or is it "Julie and Julia," awaits my viewing. What better way to celebrate "The Good News" than sharing food with friends.

Easter Blessing. Take care of one another.

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