Tuesday, November 03, 2009

More Missouri Castoffs

Gene just came in from work carrying a 19" Symphonic TV and remote. That wouldn't be anything to write home about, except, he sold a lady cable, and she gave him the TV.

Last week we found a computer desk with a note, "Free. Take and enjoy!" We did.

Over the weekend we acquired another chair, two end tables and a lamp. Forget about furnishing on a dime, we have 10 cents left!

It's ok sleeping on the floor on a single air mattress. We lay the same direction and inhale at the same time. It isn't far to the floor, if we fall off. The question is not how, but when, one of us will come upon a no-longer-needed bed? I want to jump on the bed. I want to jump on the bed.

2009 Red Convertible Travel Series

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