Wednesday, November 18, 2009


The Generosity Angels struck again. Here in Missouri's division of the Universal Storehouse, we Live the Attitude of Gratitude and expect miracles.

Co-worker, Gene, had a headlight go out on his car. He bought a bulb but couldn't figure out how to set it. Grumble. Grumble. Picking up a sale for me, he met a young military man in camouflage working on his truck. They talked vehicles, like guys do. Gene commented about his headlight problem. The young man volunteered, just like he did for his country, "I'll take a take a look at it." He knew exactly what to do. Using needle nosed pliers he fixed it in a flash.
Gene was shocked, "How old are you?"

Another day Gene was writing up a sale for a lady folding clothes. "My kids have outgrown these. I'm taking them to goodwill." She paused and looked at him, "You're about my son's size." Shoving a pair of jeans at him, she asked, "Will these fit you?" He peeked at the label and smiled: exactly his size. She layered him with sweaters and shirts and added, "There's more. Stop back."

What wonderful surprises are next in Missouri's division of the Universal Storehouse? We'd love to hear what great surprises come to you in your division?

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