Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Parasail With Me

Minnie and I watched a colorful sunset while we dined by the sea in Mazatlan, Mexico. Assorted seafood for two was cooked on a grill at our table and served with a twist of lime. Delicious. Our waiter suggested we go para-sailing, but before ten in the morning, "Once the wind comes up, it can be hazardous." I had to try.
Fastened in harness
rope tied to boat
to follow their instructions
was foolish hope
With giggles and tickles
sylphs lift me high
to music and angels
not heard below
Cut the engine
slack the line
pull the rope
I try, I try
Yells and screams
far below
pull, come down
before you blow
Oops, in the water
up to my knees
undines delighted
I paid their fees

Pulling the rope to let the air out of the parachute was harder than I thought, but to experience weightlessness was worth it.

copyright 2005 Red Convertible Travel Series

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