Sunday, July 23, 2017

A Light-Hearted Moment at The Memphis, TN VA

In spite of complaints about the VA, Johnny and I have none. For many years, VAs across the country have been there for him. Without them, he'd have died long ago. We appreciate the staff and tell them so. They're surprised, "Nobody tells us." Some are moved to tears and mile-wide smiles. Hugs are appreciated.

My heart goes out to all who've served our country. So many have experienced war's worst. The best gift I can give them is time and attention. For a simple "Thank you." some smile, some nod, and some frown, as if to say, "Is she for real?" I recently visited with three over 90 WWII Veterans. Their minds were sharp, and their skin was smooth. They loved sharing their stories.

The Memphis VA is undergoing renovation. At a recent appointment, we had a lot of walking to do. We copped a light-weight, red wheelchair with small wheels and no restraints on the passenger. Pressing the bar to the top back allows the chair to glide. To my amazement, navigating Johnny's 170 lbs. was effortless. Release the bar and the chair stops on the spot.

We were doing well, until I had to navigate down a slight incline. All of a sudden, a huge Veteran was walking in step with 5'5" me. I thanked him for his service, looked over my shoulder, thanked the taller one behind him and those further back. I was struggling a little holding back the chair. The big soldier spoke softly, "I could be first."
"Not if I let go."

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