Monday, September 02, 2013

Laboring and Labor Day

America the beautiful!

Toe tickling cold!

Peaceful waters.

Wherever you are, a blessed Labor Day to you and yours.

Labor Day many years ago, my husband and I were painting the front of the house when my contractions started. With his help, I got off the scaffold and went to the hospital. Nothing happened! We waited. And waited. And waited some more. Eventually I was induced and waited some more. Baby came in time for breakfast. We named her Corrie after Corrie Ten Boom. She was worth the wait and still it.

The Midwest work ethic lives in my blood and bones. I love the feeling of accomplishment. I sleep better. Yesterday I declared war on dust and dirt and labored cleaning house. JB went dove hunting and came home with muddy boots. Oh, well, what's one more cleanup? Two cupboard's contents are organized! I'm working my way to the kitchen. We have closets, but no pantry or basement. Today I sorted a stack of handwritten notes. I could spends hours in a stationery store. Maybe you've received one of my handwritten notes. I like to send news, encouragement, thanks and congratulations. Crane cards and stationery are classy. So is wheat grass paper. I watch for artist's work transferred to cards and sometimes make my own.

Here in the Deep South, hunting is work. Yesterday I learned we now have an "alligator season". Ohhh!!!! An 11'3" gator was taken along the MS River about 15 miles from here. The man who told us was wearing a belt from the one his son got. We are currently in dove season. Our frig has bitty dove breasts soaking in salt water. They'll be marinated in Thousand Island or Zesty Italian dressing, wrapped in bacon and grilled. A couple of bites worth. And then in Nov., hunting season starts. Our guys are good providers. They work at it. It was 105 degrees in the truck yesterday. Buckshot opted not to go. So did I.

However you spent your day, I hope you are happy, healthy and safe.

2013 Red Convertible Travel Series

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