Thursday, August 09, 2012

WWII Vet, Jim, and Absolut

Absolut sponsored an invitation only Pool Party at Fitzgerald's in Tunica. Working our way through their scrumptous buffet of salads, roasted veggies and sweets, we visited with our table mate, Jim. When we commented on his cap with WWII on it and a row of ribbons, he lit up. "August 5th is the 77th anniversary of my enlistment in the Army in 1935."
I said, "You lied about your age."
His grin foretold the answer, "I was 16. Arrived at Normandy thirty days after it was taken and did five campaigns under General Patton. After my discharge from the Army, I joined the Air Force."

My sister and I have walked Normandy Beach and stood at Patton's grave; I could talk a little of his language, but I couldn't imagine what he'd seen and done.

Absolut offered guests a free sample, if the guest had a ticket. JB came back with a bottle of Absolut Grapevine for us: Vodka, Dragonfruit and Papaya flavor. I won't drink it, but the bottle is pretty and will look nice with fresh flowers. Jim looked disappointed. He didn't know he needed a ticket, and he can't walk. Bulldog-like, JB set out to solve the problem. He came back with Absolut Citron. Jim was ecstatic. One friend would get the Tshirt and his guy friends would enjoy the Vodka. When he and JB shook hands, Jim said, "You don't need to do another good deed for a week."

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