Saturday, January 22, 2011

My shopping list

I gave a precise grocery list to someone, I'll not mention whom: cat litter crystals; a specific brand of cat food in a green bag and free range eggs.

They came back with clay cat litter I don't use because it sticks between their toes and tracks big white pieces everywhere. The crystals are finer and less noticeable, except under bare feet.

The cat food was in a green bag (1 point) under a label I don't buy (minus 1). I dished up a little for Schatzie and Madchen, and they just stared at it. They wouldn't touch it. I swear I could see them thinking, You want us to eat this *&^^%? I was not forgiven until I brought home Hills Science Diet.

The requested free-range eggs were not. The carton was marked "natural." Natural? What are unnatural eggs? Square?

Memo to self: do my own shopping.

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