Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Who's calling?

We are a four phone family. JB has a bs. and a personal phone. I have a cell phone, and our cable bundle gives us a house phone.

When I was in NE my phone made a cascading tinkle sound every little bit? Even Ryker said it was driving him crazy. It does so much I need a pilot's license to operate it, and I am not even close to mastery. When I scroll the touch tone address book, I frequently set into motion an unintentional call and hang up fast. They ring back, "You called." Well, not really. It was my hot finger. Now when I do call they don't answer.

It's an Android. Outer spaceish. Large and alerting every time I get an email. It doesn't fit in my pocket. I was home alone when I misplaced it. JB and I call each other when our cell phone hides. I'd forgotten we have a house phone. It rarely rings. I dialed my phone. A faint ring. I tried again and stood in the 2nd bedroom. Not here. Try again. I opened the hall closet and there it was on a stack of towels.

After supper I was studying my call log when I noticed several calls from the same number. Oh, no, I missed them. Who? JB said, "Call them back."
Just as I dialed the house phone rang. I waved for JB to answer it.
Why am I talking to him?

I am so looking forward to telepathic messaging!

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