Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Traveling Door

JB and his long-time friend, Yankee, were sitting out front of the apartment when JB noticed a glass storm door on the apartment across the lot. Only one of the eight apartments there is occupied; only two on our side.

Storm doors are non-existent on the remaining 15 apartments. JB commented, “I sure wish we had a storm door here.”
Yankee thought a minute, “Why not that one?”
JB tried the idea on, got up, grabbed his screw driver and headed across the parking lot. An hour later the door was attached to our apartment.

I windexed both sides and wiped it off with newspaper. Schatzie and Madchen sat side by side appreciating the view from the safe side. The grass to the west is tall swamp grass. I don’t know what lives there, but Madchen has come racing in clucking her teeth.

Early the next morning there was a knock at our door. I answered. “I’m the maintenance man. I’m repossessing your door. I promised it to the new upstairs tenant who moves in today.” Too funny. I had occasional furniture at home, but here too?

Virginia moved in, heard about the door switch and came down to apologize. No need, no harm was done. We all laughed and became friends over the traveling door.

2010 Red Convertible Travel Series

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